Tea after meal: Tanisha Mukherjee likes to drink tea after meals, if you are also a victim of this habit then know the harm

Tea after meal: Tanisha Mukherjee likes to drink tea after meals, if you are also a victim of this habit then know the harm

There are many people who like to have a sip of tea after having a meal. In the winter and rainy season, many people drink tea even after breakfast to lunch and dinner. The latest example of this is actress Kajol’s elder sister Tanisha Mukherjee. Tanisha recently shared a post on her social account in which she has mentioned a cup of hot tea. In the caption of the post, he wrote, ‘Tea time is always a good time. I like to have a nice tea after my meal. Instead of dessert, tea is my dessert.’ But is this habit right? In this article, we will give you information about whether it is right or wrong to drink tea after meals. Come let’s know in detail….

Drinking tea after lunch and dinner increases BP

After a meal, sitting in the window of the house and drinking tea is certainly a great moment and it is a relaxing moment for a while. At the same time, if we talk about health, tea after eating is harmful for us in many ways.

Actually, tea contains caffeine and its consumption after a meal increases blood pressure. Along with this, the amount of caffeine also increases cortisol ie steroid hormones in the body, due to which the body may have to face many problems.

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Iron does not reach the body by drinking tea

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Let us tell you that in addition to caffeine, elements like ‘polyphenols’ and ‘tannins’ are also found in tea, which do not allow the body to absorb iron from food. Iron deficiency is especially in women and it is harmful for them to drink tea after meals.

In such a situation, if you are also fond of tea after meals, then as soon as possible, improve your habit. At the same time, if there is a lot of urge, then instead of tea, you can consume green-tea. Tea should always be drunk only after an hour of a meal.

Drinking tea does not provide complete nutrition

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Tea leaves have acidic properties and after consumption, this element is found in the protein of the food eaten, due to which the body does not get the full benefit of protein. Because drinking tea immediately after eating affects the digestive system, due to which the quality of the nutritional elements present in the food also decreases and the body is not able to digest it properly.

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These problems are caused by doing this daily

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Consuming tea or coffee daily after meals can also cause problems with anemia, headache, loss of appetite, cold hands and feet. Therefore, these things should be consumed one hour before meals and one hour after meals.


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