This drug to relieve depression can also be effective in corona: Study

This drug to relieve depression can also be effective in corona: Study

Coronavirus Medicine : Corona virus is still wreaking havoc all over the world. Scientists and doctors from all over the world are facing new challenges related to corona every day. Continuous research is being done for effective drugs to combat this dangerous virus. At the same time, possibilities of treatment of corona are also being explored in existing medicines. In this episode, scientists have seen a ray of hope in a very common medicine for depression. They believe that this drug can be useful in combating corona infection.

According to the news published in Dainik Jagran, it has been claimed in this study that the corona crisis can be controlled quickly with the use of this drug named Fluvoxamine. Research has claimed that this drug can prove useful to save the victim from hospitalization. This research has been done by an international team of researchers from the US, Canada and Brazil.

Who was involved in the research
1472 patients were included in the research, these included people above 50 years of age or such victims who were at high risk of serious corona infection. Some of these were given the drug Fluvoxamine. Researchers said that the results of the study could change the attitude towards the treatment of corona. Apart from being economical, this medicine is available worldwide.

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shocking results
Patients given fluvoxamine within a few days after becoming Covid-19 positive were 31 percent less likely to be hospitalized and similarly less likely to end life on a ventilator. This is the biggest effect found so far for any outpatient COVID-19 treatment.

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Is this a gamechanger?
Associated with the study and Professor Edward Mills of Canada’s McMaster University, said, ‘At present there are limited options regarding the treatment of corona. So this study is encouraging. The cost of each treatment of corona with this medicine is only 4 dollars (about 300 rupees). This drug can prove to be important in the fight against Corona. “It’s a great discovery,” he said. “The game changer is the things we already had in the cupboards.”

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