This mom used to drink only soup in dinner to be thin, this is how Fat to Fit was reduced by reducing 26 Kg

This mom used to drink only soup in dinner to be thin, this is how Fat to Fit was reduced by reducing 26 Kg

The increased weight of women during and after pregnancy causes many problems. Sometimes this weight becomes a part of life. But there are some women who take care of themselves and lose weight. One such 33-year-old woman is Tanisha Singh. Tanisha’s weight also increased a lot after delivery.

Seeing which his own mother critiqued him. After this Tanisha decided to make herself fit again and within just 4 months she lost 26 kgs. Tanisha is an inspiration for all the women today who wish to lose weight. Let us know how this feat happened.

  1. Name – Tanisha Singh
  2. Profession – Procurement Manager
  3. Age – 33 years
  4. Height – 5 feet 4 inches
  5. City – Lagos (Nigeria) Currently living in Indore
  6. Maximum weight – 82 kg
  7. Weight Loss – 26 kgs
  8. Weight loss time – 4.5 months

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Tanisha’s Turning Point

Tanisha tells that she became a mother in 2020. After this, his focus completely shifted from himself and there was no time for exercise. Due to which his weight started increasing gradually. Meanwhile, Tanisha went to meet her mother after 5 months of lockdown and becoming a mother.

His mother raised questions on his weight as soon as he met. Then after September 2020 decided to change his lifestyle completely. Meanwhile, he tried a lot and failed. But later he found the right way to lose weight. Let us know what was that method.

change in diet

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  1. Breakfast – Eggs, gram flour, brown bread sandwich, apple, vegetable paratha, oats or poha. She used to eat some of these in breakfast.
  2. Lunch – A bowl of vegetables, lentils, grilled chicken and salad with a roti or some rice
  3. Dinner – Soup or a bowl of lentils, salad, roti and vegetables, chicken, fish used to eat anything.
  4. Pre – Workout Meals – A bowl of seasonal fruits, or 2-3 dark chocolates or raisins
  5. post workout meal Green Tea, Lotus Seeds Nut, or Smoothie

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These things used to be taken in cheat day

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She says that if you want to lose weight, then have cheat meal only once a week. Apart from this, take care of your exercise and diet. This will speed up your metabolism and build muscles. Apart from this, eat at least fat-rich foods on Cheat Day.

low calorie recipe Vegan smoothie bowl with a banana, frozen berries and nut milk. Along with this, she also uses nuts and seeds in toppings.


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Strength training, high intensity interval training, weight training, jogging, yoga meditation and pranayama etc.

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fitness secrets

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According to Tanisha, she used to take fat only to reduce fat. That is, to reduce bad fat, she used to consume good fat. In which she used only desi ghee, coconut and olive oil while cooking food. Other than this lots of water for weight loss Used to drink and exercise for an hour.

Tips from Tanisha to people

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Tanisha is also giving some tips to the people. She says that take small meals throughout your day, this will keep your stomach full and your blood sugar level will also be balanced. This will keep you from overeating.

What lifestyle changes did you make?

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She says that she chose exercises that she loved. Because of which she did not face any problem in working out and she continued to workout. Apart from this, she says to have some patience to get the result. Also, don’t stop eating your favorite things just because you have only one life.

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Disclaimer: What worked for the author may not necessarily work for you. So avoid blindly following the diet-workout mentioned in this article and find out what works best for your body.

If you have your own story related to similar weight loss, then tell us send over.


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