This person of 104 Kg has reduced the weight of 34 kg in 1 year, now training people to be fit by becoming a fitness coach

This person of 104 Kg has reduced the weight of 34 kg in 1 year, now training people to be fit by becoming a fitness coach

The lockdown and work from home pattern during Corona has changed the lifestyle of many people. 31-year-old Vishal Sachdev also gained a lot of weight during this period. Vishal works in an IT company in Pune. But after staying at home all the time, it became difficult for him to maintain himself physically and his weight increased to 104 kg.

However, when he realized his unformed body, he immediately decided to lose weight and became fitter by losing 34 kgs within a year. The result was that he then took part in a transformation challenge organized by India’s largest fitness company Fitter and finished in the top 20 out of 2500 participants. Even his transformation story was featured on YouTube. So let’s know about Vishal’s weight loss journey.

  • Name- Vishal Sachdeva
  • Business – IT Staff, Fitness and Nutrition Coach
  • Ages- 31
  • City-Pune
  • Highest recorded weight- 104 kg
  • reduced weight- 34 kg
  • Time taken to lose weight 1 year

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When did the turning point come

Vishal says that the turning point in my life came at the time of lockdown. We all worked from home during the lockdown. Due to this, not only did our working hours increase, but gradually the physical activity also decreased significantly. Due to being in the house the whole time, the food and drink also increased throughout the day. Due to all these my health started getting affected and I gained weight.

One day when I looked at myself in the mirror, I was very disappointed and decided that now I need to take my health seriously. I started working on diet and workout under a fitness coach.

During the transformation, I found the Science Base Diet very interesting and started studying diet and fitness myself. During this I lost 34 kgs within a year and then I myself became a registered fitness and nutrition coach.


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  1. Breakfast- 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites and two breads.
  2. Lunch- Lentils, Rice, Soya Nuggets, Yogurt and Salad
  3. dinner- Stir Fried Paneer with Vegetables and Whey Protein Powder with Water
  4. Pre-Workout- black coffee and banana
  5. post workout- During this, drank whey protein in water and consumed 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites and 2 slices of bread.
  6. low calorie recipe Mango Lassi

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Workout and fitness secret

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Vishal says that I exercised for one and a half hours every day. Walked 10,000 steps daily. Keep in mind that just as we do not get fat in a day, similarly change also does not come in a day. Slowly the results will start coming, which will remain for a long time.

how to keep yourself motivated

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Vishal says that I downloaded the wallpaper of the model with six pack abs and set it in my mobile phone. Every day when I wake up in the morning and am too lazy to exercise, my eyes go to that wallpaper. Then I imagine myself that I too will be like this one day and if I want to be like this then I have to get up and work for it. With this in mind, I exercised every day, every week, every month and then throughout the year. I started getting results in 3 months and this inspired me.

Weight loss: At the age of 46, Uncle did wonders, reduced the weight of 25 Kg by removing roti and rice from the diet.

What changes did you make in the lifestyle?

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It is very important to make lifestyle changes for weight loss. Vishal says that for weight loss, I first avoided alcohol, junk food, soft drinks, packed calorie high food and focused only on home-cooked food. When I had to go to a party or a wedding function, I always packed and carried home cooked food with me.

I still use a variety of online apps to measure my meals and track calories on a daily basis. Apart from this, I started getting 8 hours of sleep every day and also made a habit of sleeping and waking up on time.

What problems did you face due to being overweight?

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Being overweight is very painful. Even more challenging is to tolerate people’s taunts. Vishal says that I used to like people’s comments very bad. Apart from this, due to weight gain, I started complaining of knee pain, lower back pain, anxiety and depression.

What did you learn from weight loss

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Vishal says nothing is impossible, if the reason behind your goal is strong. We have to take small steps forward to lead a healthy life. Losing weight means 100% diet and 100% exercise, with 100% commitment to yourself.

Disclaimer: What worked for the author may not necessarily work for you. So avoid blindly following the diet-workout mentioned in this article and find out what works best for your body.

If you have your own story related to similar weight loss, then tell us send over.


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