This Winter, Try These 7 Evening Snacks To Have With Your Tea

This Winter, Try These 7 Evening Snacks To Have With Your Tea

Winter is here. Soon, we’ll be back to our couch during nippy evenings to relish a good cup of tea with a book in hand or a chit chat with family. Winter evenings have an essence of their own. We crave some warmth during these evenings. Winters are also a time when we crave snacks, especially during tea time. Having said that, we do not need to stuff ourselves with the same bhajis or potato chips throughout the season. Here are seven snacks recipes that will make our winter tea times more delicious.

1. Peanut Chikki

The age-old peanut chikki is a welcome addition to our plates every winter. The snack is not only delicious but also provides the body with protein and essential nutrients.

2. Moong Dal Samosa

Steaming samosas are one of the most popular tea time snacks, especially during winter. Make these samosa fillings with moong dal, onions, turmeric and chaat masala. It’s indeed a filling and nutritious snack for cold days.


3. Rice Papadi

Make these rice papadis to enjoy the nippy evenings with a cup of chai. Make them crispy and spice them up with onions and chillies, just the street-style way.

4. Sweet Potato And Oats Patty

Sweet potatoes are one of the most important foods to have during winter. They are rich in vitamins A, C, D, fibre, calcium and iron. Mash the sweet potatoes, add roasted oats and spices. Make patties with this mix and enjoy.


5. Sweet Potato Fries

Many of us may want to relish sweet potatoes but are not keen to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In that case, just coat strips of sweet potatoes in a spicy batter and fry them.


6. Pyaazi Kebab

Kebabs are delightful evening snacks for winter. Make this vegetarian onion kebab with lemongrass ginger, chillies and herbs. Have it with a sauce made of jaggery, lemon juice and crushed walnuts.

7. Crispy Spinach

Want a really healthy snack for your winter tea time? Fry spinach leaves in a wok with onions, garlic and seasonings. Fry them until the smoky flavour blends with the ingredients. Serve hot.

So, this winter, chill in the evenings with a cup of hot tea and some freshly-prepared snacks. Take your pick from our list and tell us which one you enjoyed the most.


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