Thyroid symptoms: Ayurvedic Dr. told common symptoms of thyroid imbalance, if this problem comes every day, then get it checked immediately

Thyroid symptoms: Ayurvedic Dr. told common symptoms of thyroid imbalance, if this problem comes every day, then get it checked immediately

Ayurvedic Dr. Diksha Bhavsar gives health tips to people every day. Recently, he told about how to overcome the problems related to fatty liver. In the latest post, Dr. Bhavsar has told a lot about thyroid. Through social media, Dr. told people the reasons due to which they fall in the grip of thyroid. Diksha has also told people the symptoms of this disorder which you often ignore, due to which this thyroid reaches a serious condition. If you are aware of your health, then do not ignore these symptoms mentioned by Dr. and get yourself treated on time.

Thyroidstem is the soul of the endocrine system

Dr. Bhavsar writes in his post, ‘A few days ago I was discussing thyroid with @drravisavaliya (Dr. Ravi Savaliya ) how it affects almost every function in the body. does? Dr. Ravi explained it very beautifully to me about this disorder. He said that only understand about thyroid that it is the soul of your body. He called it the sol (soul) of the endocrine system. Further Dr. Bhavsar has also given some symptoms of this disorder.

Do not ignore these symptoms of thyroid; Doctor advised to check

Thyroid disturbs the balance of the whole body

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Dr. Bhavsar writes, if your thyroid becomes unbalanced, then all the functions of your body get affected. These range from metabolism to energy levels, body temperature, fertility, weight gain, weight loss, weakness, periods, hair health. Thyroid also has an effect on hair health, mood (mental health) and heart rate.

metabolism and energy level

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The main function of the thyroid gland is metabolism. It helps you digest the food you eat and absorb the nutrients needed by the body. It metabolizes the food you eat and gives you energy.

body temperature

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An unbalanced thyroid can lower your body temperature and in this condition you can become a victim of cold intolerance. Simply put, the imbalance of thyroid can make you feel cold.

weight loss and gain

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If your weight is suddenly decreasing without diet plan and exercise and is increasing rapidly even after eating less, then you should get thyroid checked. Because thyroid imbalance can either lead to excessive weight loss or cause weight gain.

balancing other hormones

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Your thyroid also affects the functioning of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and cortisol. Dr. Bhavsar recommends that if you are troubled by any of these problems, then you should get your thyroid level checked and consult your doctor as soon as possible.

hair growth and period

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Your thyroid helps in the absorption of essential nutrients like iron, calcium etc which are helpful in hair growth. But when your thyroid becomes unbalanced, hair loss also starts. After falling under the grip of this disorder, not only does the hair fall on the head, but the eyelashes and eyebrows also become thin.

heart rate and mental health

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The thyroid also helps control your heart rate. But after being balanced, it also affects the heart rate. Apart from this, due to imbalance in thyroid levels, the amount of cortisol in your body increases, which worsens mental health. You may feel stressed, anxious and depressed in such a situation.

problem in pregnancy

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If you have not been able to get pregnant despite persistent efforts, then the reason could be thyroid. Balancing the thyroid can help you conceive.

menstrual cycle

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Many women do not even have their period at the right time. If this happens every time, no woman should be ignored. Because irregular periods can also occur due to thyroid imbalance. So you should check it.


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