To reduce the risk of corona, then eat a diet rich in vitamin-D

To reduce the risk of corona, then eat a diet rich in vitamin-D

Vitamin D Rich Foods Lower The Risk Of Covid 19 : Till now it is believed that Vitamin D is used to strengthen and keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. But in research conducted during the corona epidemic, it is being found that it is actually very effective in strengthening the body’s immune system and fighting viruses like Covid-19. A team of researchers led by University of Chicago Medicine Dr. David Meltzer has done a study on this. Research has found that people with vitamin D deficiency were almost twice as likely to contract the virus than people with normal levels of vitamin D. This study was done on 489 patients. The research also found that people who were deficient in vitamin D were 1.77 times more likely to be found to be COVID-19 positive.

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This is what scientists say

Scientists say that if vitamin D is consumed in regular food, then it can help us in protecting against corona. Scientists say that people who are deficient in vitamin D are also at a higher risk of getting infected with the corona virus.

what is vitamin d

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that your body absorbs and stores to stay healthy. It is responsible for many bodily functions such as boosting immunity, strengthening teeth, muscles, and bones, from mental health to heart failure, diabetes and It can also keep us away from serious diseases like cancer.

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How to supply Vitamin D

According to Healthline, when we are exposed to sunlight, the body starts making vitamin D on its own. This is the reason why this vitamin is also called sunshine vitamin. However, there are some foods in which vitamin D is present. For example, vitamin D can be supplied in the body by consuming salmon, liver oil, tuna, egg yolk, mushrooms, cow’s milk, soybean milk, orange juice, oatmeal etc. Apart from this, you can also consume vitamin D supplements etc.

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