To stay fit for a lifetime, then know which things to eat on an empty stomach and which are not?

To stay fit for a lifetime, then know which things to eat on an empty stomach and which are not?

Foods To Eat In Empty Stomach : It is generally advised to drink a glass of water as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. But most people do not do this and their sleep is opened with tea or coffee. But let us tell you that this habit has a far-reaching effect on our health. In Ayurveda, empty stomach (Empty Stomach) is forbidden to eat many such things, due to which there may be problems of stomach irritation, acidity or indigestion. According to logintohealth, in such a situation, it is important for us to know what things we need to avoid on an empty stomach. Apart from this, it is also important for us to know which things are good for our body to eat in the morning. So let us know in detail here.

What are the benefits of consuming empty stomach


If you drink milk on an empty stomach, then you can get a lot of benefit from it. That’s why you must drink a glass of milk in breakfast in the morning. If you drink warm milk, then the problem of cold or phlegm will also go away.

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You can drink wheatgrass powder drink in the morning. It saves you from the problem of constipation and indigestion. It has anti-oxidants and free radical properties which boost the immunity of the body and keep it away from many diseases.

3. Amla juice

If you drink amla juice on an empty stomach, then it is very beneficial for the body. It also contains plenty of iron, vitamin C, and many types of mineral salts, which protect you from many diseases. You can mix one or two spoons of amla juice in lukewarm water and drink it daily, it will have a good effect on your health.


If you have a habit of drinking a glass of plain water on an empty stomach in the morning, then it helps a lot in detoxifying the body. It also benefits in reducing weight.

5. Aloe Vera Juice

Drinking aloe vera juice on an empty stomach is considered good for health. It contains many types of proteins and vitamins that boost immunity and reduce any kind of inflammation in the body.

6. Oatmeal

Consuming oatmeal on an empty stomach in the morning strengthens the digestive system. The soluble fiber present in it prevents problems like constipation and calms the problem of burning in the stomach. It is also beneficial in controlling cholesterol.


By taking a spoonful of honey in warm water in the morning, the toxins of the body come out. It also helps in keeping your immunity strong. It keeps your digestive system fine and there is no problem of acid.

8. Soaked almonds

By consuming soaked almonds on an empty stomach, your body gets plenty of nutrition, which along with giving the necessary nutrition to the body, also gives energy for the day.


If an egg is eaten on an empty stomach, it is very beneficial for the body. By consuming eggs on an empty stomach, you get the necessary nutrition for the day and you are full of energy throughout the day. Let us tell you that calories are very less in it and because of this it is helpful in reducing your weight.

Avoid these things on an empty stomach

Avoid having spicy snacks in the morning. By doing this, there may be a problem of acid and indigestion in the stomach.

Do not eat citrus fruits on an empty stomach in the morning. If you feel like eating, then eat something before that. Failure to do so may result in acidity.

Avoid eating more fiber-rich things in the morning. By doing this you may not have to face stomach pain and cramps.

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People often drink coffee and tea after getting up in the morning which is very harmful. It has a bad effect on the body.

Never drink cold drinks on an empty stomach. Do not drink water from the fridge after getting up in the morning. By doing this the digestive system is affected.

Consuming alcohol on an empty stomach can be dangerous. It directly has a negative effect on your body. Doing so has a bad effect on your blood and liver.

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