Troubled by many types of pain after corona, so get rid like this

Troubled by many types of pain after corona, so get rid like this

Tips For Painful Health Manages: People who have been infected with corona are facing many problems even after a year. Doctors are also surprised that even after so many days, the symptoms of corona are not decreasing in infected persons. On the contrary, many other types of problems have started appearing in them. Many problems like fatigue, joint pain, difficulty in sleeping, memory problems are coming to the fore in post covid patients. Scientists have named all these problems as fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia has become a chronic condition that occurs in people who have been infected with corona. ht According to reports, many patients who have recovered from Covid-19 are undergoing treatment for fibromyalgia in hospitals. These people are troubled by pain in muscles, ligaments and bones. Often there is fatigue in them and stomach problems also persist. Due to all this, the patient starts living in depression, anxiety and restlessness.

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Virus damaged blood vessels
Doctors say that it is also not easy to treat, because there is no investigation for it so far. Doctors also said that after Covid infection, such problems occur more in women than in men. In people who are troubled by obesity or are taking oxygen therapy or are about to be admitted to the ICU, this problem can become more serious. Dr Manoj Goel, Director, Department of Pulmonology at Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurgaon said that fibromyalgia is now fully understood. It is a musculoskeletal syndrome. Due to Covid infection, the virus has damaged the blood vessels, due to which all this is happening. However, he said that fibromyalgia is not a life-threatening disease. This can be corrected by making lifestyle changes.

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Some ways to avoid these problems
Meditate daily. Do such a meditation in which you can draw the breath in and out for a long time. Exercise regularly for muscles and stomach.
Keep the body active as much as possible. Walk, ride a bicycle, go for a walk on the bike and do aerobic exercises.
Say bye to alcohol and cigarettes completely.
Do not eat junk food and high fat foods.
have a good sleep. Sleep early, wake up early. Take a bath with lukewarm water.

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