Tulsi and Amla are very beneficial, famous beautician Shahnaz Hussain told this secret

बंगालः भीषण आग से तबाह इमारत में मिले 4 जले हुए शव, नहीं हो पा रही पहचान

Shahnaz Hussain described the qualities of Tulsi, Amla (credit: shutterstock / AALA IMAGES)

Shahnaz Husain Tips to Boost Immunity: Looking at the Corona period, Shahnaz Hussain spoke about tips to strengthen immunity, flush out toxins from the body, benefit from colds, coughs and colds.

Shahnaz Husain Tips To Boost Immunity : Shahnaz Hussain is a famous beautician and fitness expert. Shahnaz Hussain keeps sharing tips related to beauty, health and fitness on his social media handle. Looking at the recent corona period, Shahnaz Hussain spoke about the remedies that help to strengthen immunity, remove toxic substances from the body, benefit from colds, coughs and colds. He explained the characteristics of Tulsi and Amla in his post. Tulsi is rich in many medicinal properties. Taking basil daily provides relief in many diseases. At the same time, Amla digestion system is strong. It is also beneficial for skin and hair. Due to the abundance of vitamin C, it is used extensively as an immunity booster. Let us know what special things Shahnaz Hussain has said …

Basil has many benefits:

Shahnaz Hussain said that Tulsi is a natural immune booster. Its use provides relief in phlegm, cold. It is used as a home remedy. Tulsi has the ability to kill germs. Tulsi also plays an important role in cleaning toxins in the body during infection. Expert said that even if you have reported Covid positive, even if your disease immune system is good, then you can be cured.

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Shahnaz Hussain wrote in his Instagram post that to fight the corona virus, we have to strengthen our immune power. Strengthening the immune system is not only part of the therapy, but it also prevents the occurrence of any disease. Vitamin C is found in abundance in Amla. To increase your immunity, first wake up in the morning and drink a juice of Indian gooseberry in a glass of water. You will benefit greatly from this.


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