Virat kohli believes in 5 workouts the best, 30 minutes of exercise will get the body in shape; Will always be FIT

 Virat kohli believes in 5 workouts the best, 30 minutes of exercise will get the body in shape;  Will always be FIT

Virat Kohli is in discussion these days about the announcement of his retirement from T20 captaincy. There are many reasons for this, but here we are talking about Kohli’s fitness, not cricket. It would not be wrong to say that Kohli is one of the fittest athletes in the world. Everyone has seen him playing aggressively on the field, running between the wickets with unmatched energy, amassing tons of scores like a run-machine. But have you ever wondered what it takes to get a body like Virat Kohli? Here we are telling you some tips that you can try and stay fit and healthy like them.

Kohli is a worldwipe fitness icon

The 32-year-old batsman, who is a worldwide fitness icon, was never as crazy for intense workouts and compound practice as he is now. Virat’s weight loss transformation did not happen overnight. He has done a low carb diet, good fat, high intensity cardio and consistent practice, due to which he became the captain. If you too follow those fitness practices approved by Virat Kohli, then you too can help in transforming yourself.

Running burns the most calories

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If you want to look like Kohli in good shape, it’s important to start with the basics. In order to lose weight, it is very important for you to include running in your workout. Running is one of the most important and easy exercises in many exercises for weight loss. Running helps you build strong muscles and also leads to quick weight loss. Running on a treadmill burns an average of 705 to 865 calories in an hour and even calms the mind.

pushups with one hand

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Virat Kohli has set a benchmark for all other players in terms of fitness standards. According to the Delhi-born veteran, none will shape your arms, shoulders and chest better than one-arm pushups. Apart from giving you a huge boost in your confidence, this exercise also works wonders for your body as doing it simultaneously strengthens your arms, shoulders, chest, core muscles and even your back.

Take Your Crunches to the Next Level

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You may not have a rich lifestyle like a star cricketer but you can get six-pack abs like Virat Kohli. Doing crunches or sit-ups doesn’t require any fancy gym equipment. All you need is some space and determination to stay fit.

A daily 10-minute moderate crunch session can burn about 54 calories. It helps you strengthen core muscles, improve posture, and increase your body’s mobility and flexibility.

Swimming will reduce belly fat

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When it comes to exercise that can help you lose weight in a few weeks, swimming might not top your list, but unlike jogging or running, water-based workouts for belly fat loss The best exercise. Because swimming forces you to use more of your muscles.

Just 30 minutes of breaststroke in swimming can burn about 367 calories, while swimming in freestyle burns about 404 calories. People often get bored with repetitive exercise but there are many strokes that will keep you in a good mood.

Heavy weight lifts will make you fit

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If you also want to have a great body like Indian Kohli, then don’t be shy about weight. Just aim to lift as heavy as you can. Through heavy weight lifting, you will get muscles and toned legs like Kohli in a few days. As Virat said, ‘There are no shortcuts to hard work’, weight training also requires constant effort and a lot of patience.

To get a good shape, you can get better results from heavy weight lifting training session twice a week as compared to light weight lifting. You should do only 20-30 minutes of heavy weight lifting on a regular basis, which can bring amazing transformation in your body.


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