Vitamin D deficiency can lead to heart disease – study

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to heart disease - study

Vitamin d deficiency and heart disease: Vitamin D is also called sunshine vitamin. This is the only vitamin that we can get directly from sunlight. vitamin D Vitamin is very important for the body. Vitamin D fulfills many functions of our body. essential for the body calcium Vitamin D has an important role in the absorption of calcium. Other than this Heart Function Vitamin D also helps in

from vitamin d immunity Boosts too. it us Flu Also saves. It is generally understood that vitamin D is necessary for bones and muscles, but a recent study has found that if there is a deficiency of vitamin D, then it increases the risk of heart-related diseases.

blood pressure also increases
According to the report of ANI, according to the report published in the European Heart Journal, vitamin D deficiency affects cardio health. Researchers from the University of South Australia found in their study that people who were deficient in vitamin D were more likely to develop heart disease and blood pressure than normal people. Every year 1.79 crore people die due to heart-related diseases worldwide.

This causes a lot of loss of life and property. After the results of this new study, if attention is paid to the deficiency of vitamin D, then deaths due to heart disease can be reduced.

Heart disease deaths can be reduced
There are many parts of the world where people are deficient in Vitamin D. According to data from UK Biobank, in a survey 55 percent of people were found to be vitamin D deficient. Of these, 13 percent of the participants were found to be severely deficient in vitamin D. According to a study, 23 percent of people in rich countries like Australia are deficient in vitamin D.

At the same time, 24 percent of people in America and 37 percent of people in Canada were found to be deficient in vitamin D. University of South Australia professor and lead researcher Alina Hyponen said that millions of people die every year due to heart-related diseases in the world. If we remove the deficiency of Vitamin D, then these deaths can be drastically reduced.

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