Watch: Surprise Your Family This Rakhi With This Simple Biscuit Barfi

Watch: Surprise Your Family This Rakhi With This Simple Biscuit Barfi

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Are you looking for a quick mithai to make this rakhi? We have the perfect recipe for you! While looking for a simple and easy mithai, we stumbled upon a video by Food Blogger “Something’s Cooking With Alpa” on youtube. She creates a biscuit barfi that uses no sugar and no condensed milk! It is time to put on your chef’s hat and surprise your family with this delicious recipe that looks like it has been made by professional halwai.

Watch the full recipe video of Biscuit Barfi:

How to make Biscuit Barfi:

To make biscuit barfi, you won’t need to use the oven or stove! The ingredients you need will be plain, vanilla cream Oreos, cream, almonds, pistachio, cashew, walnuts, desecrated coconut and food colouring.

Start by opening each biscuit and separating the cream from the biscuit. Put the vanilla cream in one bowl, the chocolate biscuit in another. Grind the chocolate biscuits, it should become a smooth chocolate powder. Add cream to the chocolate powder slowly and knead a dough. Keep this chocolate dough aside. In the vanilla cream bowl, add finely chopped almonds, pistachios, cashew, walnuts and desecrated coconut. If you have food colouring, you can add it as well, for making the barfi more aesthetically appealing. Mix these ingredients to create a soft dough.

Take the chocolate dough and roll it. Follow the video for reference as to how to roll the chocolate dough. Shape the vanilla dough into a cylinder and place it on the rolled chocolate dough. Gently wrap the rolled chocolate dough around the vanilla dough. The result should vanilla cream in the centre and chocolate covering on the side. Cover the rolled dough log in plastic wrap and close it tightly. freeze the dough for 2 hours. Then take out the log and slice them into round barfis!


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