Weight Loss: According to Ayurveda, how to make a stomach out, what to eat, how much to exercise

Weight Loss: According to Ayurveda, how to make a stomach out, what to eat, how much to exercise

In today’s time, if people are worried about anything more than the increased weight, then it is their belly or the fat deposited on the sides. Belly fat does not only happen to obese people. Rather, you get to see it on the waist of thin people too. Usually it is more visible on men. But when women come in the state of menopause, then the chances of increasing belly fat on their body become very high.

On the other hand, belly fat is not just a little fat. Rather, it is also considered responsible for causing many dangerous diseases, such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease and respiratory diseases etc. At the same time, according to Ayurvedic doctor Diksha Bhavsar, belly fat is also evidence of hormone imbalance, poor metabolism, genetic and poor lifestyle. It is a matter of relief that belly fat can be reduced easily and correctly and one can save oneself from these deadly diseases. Let us know that 5 such methods through which belly fat can be easily burned by doctor initiation itself.

If you want to reduce belly fat then these ayurvedic remedies can be useful

Do Surya Namaskar 12 times

You have given many Bollywood and famous personalities including Kareena Kapoor. Surya Namaskar Would have seen doing Now it is your turn to adopt this famous yoga posture. Let us tell you that Surya Namaskar is a great yoga asana to balance hormones and boost metabolism.

Apart from this, it also improves your mental health and sleep. At the same time, it also increases the fire of the stomach, through which not only the digestion process gets better. Rather, your belly fat also starts decreasing rapidly.

Get good sleep (7-8 hours)


The better you sleep, the more easily you will start losing weight. Good sleep is not only helpful in burning your belly fat. Rather, it helps in detoxifying the liver, balancing hormones, reducing weight, and reducing the stress hormone cortisol. This relaxes both the body and the mind and makes you more energetic.

drinking hot water

navbharat times

Hot water is not only considered effective in reducing belly fat. Rather it also boosts metabolism. Apart from this, the fat of the whole body can be reduced. Along with this, the problem of flatulence, gas, loss of appetite and feeling heavy all the time can also be eliminated by consuming hot water.

Belly comes out even by drinking water while standing, if you want to look slim then change these 4 dirty habits

Intermittent fasting

navbharat times

In no time intermittent fasting has become very famous among the people. Let us tell you that during this fasting there is a gap of 8 hours between meals and only two meals can be eaten. Mainly this fasting is done to reduce belly fat. Whereas if the circadian Intermittent fasting Talking about it, a person does not have to eat food after sunset. Therefore, the last meal is taken shortly before sunset or shortly after. In this, the maximum last meal has to be taken before 8 pm.

1000 Kapalbhati Pranayama


Kapalbhati has not one but two benefits. People who are suffering from digestion related problems, gastric problem, and insomnia problem. Those people must try Kapalbhati Pranayama. According to Dr Diksha Kapalbhati Pranayama blood circulation, digestion, and Very helpful in reducing belly fat can be proved. Apart from this, Dr. Diksha says that women who are struggling with the problem of excessive bleeding in menstruation can also be beneficial for them.

This asana is the cure for more than 100 diseases, its benefits are tremendous.


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