Weight loss story: By avoiding sugar and spices in food, this woman reduced 26 Kg weight, sometimes due to obesity, heart attack came

Weight loss story: By avoiding sugar and spices in food, this woman reduced 26 Kg weight, sometimes due to obesity, heart attack came

Excess weight not only affects the personality, but also gives rise to many health-related complications. Homemaker Laxmi Soni, a resident of Bhiwani, Haryana, recounts an incident when she fell on the road due to high blood pressure, when everyone made fun of her obesity.

At this time his weight was 90 kg. After this incident, he decided to lose weight. During this, he paid a lot of attention from his diet to workout and lost 26 kg in just 6 months. So let’s know how was her weight loss journey for Lakshmi.

  • Name- Laxmi Soni
  • Occupation- Housewife
  • Age-35 Years
  • Height – 5 feet 4 inches
  • City- Bhiwani, Haryana
  • Highest recorded weight – 90 kg
  • Reduced weight – 26 kg
  • Weight loss time – 6 months

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When did the turning point come?

Lakshmi says that I was suffering from thyroid, high blood pressure problem. I used to feel weak all the time. One day I had a heart attack due to high blood pressure in the market and I fell on the road. It was quite shocking for me, because people standing around me were laughing at me and calling me a fat woman. It was quite humiliating for me. I was short of breath. If I had not been taken to the hospital on time, I might have lost my life.

This situation definitely made me feel that I was really overweight. The turning point in my life came when I promised myself that I would lose weight and keep myself fit to avoid the risk of any disease. In this case, my sister-in-law inspired me a lot and suggested to follow various diet plans.

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what diet did you follow

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  1. Breakfast- At 5 in the morning I drink a glass of warm water with lemon mixed in it. During this time I do not like to eat anything.
  2. Lunch- Since I don’t eat breakfast, I eat lunch a little early. In this, I usually take 2 multigrain rotis, green leafy vegetables with less oil and spices and a bowl of curd to help in digestion.
  3. dinner- In dinner, I adopt options like vegetable quinoa, oats cheela, lentils, soup, porridge, vegetables.
  4. Pre-Workoutmeal- black coffee
  5. post workout meal protein shake


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Lakshmi says that I believe in the combination of exercises. First, I walk fast for 30-45 minutes in the morning and then regularly do some fat burning moves like situps, jumping jacks and yoga while staying at home.

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fitness secret

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To stay fit, the most important thing is to pay attention to your diet. I advise everyone to drink 3 to 4 liters of water daily for fitness, avoid junk food, sugar, all kinds of sweets. Especially until you achieve your fitness goal.

What problems did you face while being overweight?

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Since my weight had reached 90 kg, I had to face the problem of high blood pressure. It is really very bad to be suffering from such disease at a young age. Because of this I had a heart attack. To be honest, it was extremely difficult for me to go through this.

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how do you stay motivated

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Since I am able to lose weight, I feel more energetic all the time. After getting rid of diseases, now positivity has come in me. These same feelings of positivity drive me to lose weight every time.

What changes did you make in the lifestyle?

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According to Lakshmi, she made three major changes in her lifestyle to lose weight. These include habits like exercising and walking, staying away from spicy foods and avoiding junk food and sugary foods.

Disclaimer: What worked for the author may not necessarily work for you. So avoid blindly following the diet-workout mentioned in this article and find out what works best for your body.

If you have a similar weight loss story, please send it to us at nbtlifestyle@timesinternet.in.


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