When children do body shaming themselves, follow these tips

When children do body shaming themselves, follow these tips

Parenting tips- Kids nowadays are very alert about their health and their looks. Sometimes children compare themselves with people. As a result of this, children start calling themselves fat and thin too. Especially this problem is more in girls. According to a 2015 study in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, 34 percent of girls are restricting their eating by the age of 5 so that they don’t become fat. If your child also talks in the same way, then you should explain it to him in these ways.

improve yourself first

Children listen and understand their parents. Many times when we talk about our body being fat thin. So children do not understand that thing very much, but they do give their feedback on it. So take special care that never talk about anyone or yourself about being fat and thin in front of children, Don’t ever talk about color. This has a lot of effect on the children and they then start doing the same thing about themselves.

you keep an eye

It is natural for girls to gain weight during adolescence but how much should increase. It is important to keep in mind that sometimes even in this situation, girls complain to their parents that they are gaining weight or they are getting fat. You explain to them with love that this is such a situation in which everyone’s weight increases. It should not happen that children do not eat properly at that time. Due to this they will not get nutrients and then their development will also not happen properly.

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care is right

Children will do what they say, they will listen to what you say. Do not allow any discrimination to develop in children from the beginning regarding color, appearance, height and stature. Teach children that it is more important than appearance and stature to be a good person. Your reaction makes children think if you will talk like this about someone. So the child will also have the same feeling about himself and about people. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned specialist before following these.)

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