When this woman felt a big blow when she herself looked fat in front of a thin sister, she lost 18 Kg weight without this gym trick

When this woman felt a big blow when she herself looked fat in front of a thin sister, she lost 18 Kg weight without this gym trick

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In today’s time, as soon as we forget to pay attention to our health. It is not known when the weight increases to work in the offices for hours and to improve the career. Something similar happened with Nupur Maheshwari, a resident of Noida. Nupur realized her increased weight when she saw a picture of herself. Nupur’s self-confidence was shaken by seeing this picture.

But Nupur saw this picture of herself and also set herself a target of getting fit before her upcoming cousin sister’s wedding. By making good use of this time, Nupur reduced the weight of a record 18 kg in just 7 months. The special thing about his weight loss journey was that he did not take the help of any dietician for this. Rather, he did this feat by working out at home. Let us know about this weight loss journey of Nupur.

  • Name – Nupur Maheshwari
  • Job Job – Software Engineer in IT Industry
  • Age – 38 years
  • Height – 5 feet 3 inches
  • City – Noida
  • Maximum weight – 87 kg
  • Weight Loss – 18 kgs
  • Time to lose weight – 7 months

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This is how the weight loss journey started

Nupur tells that one day she saw her picture which she had recently clicked with her cousin sister. Then when she went out to have lunch. Nupur saw this picture and found that her body shape has completely changed. After which he decided to get himself in a perfect shape before the marriage of his cousin sister. Nupur is very happy to have achieved this goal today. Let us know what was his weight loss pattern.

This 88 kg fat boy reduced 18 kg weight by special trick, there was no need to go to the gym

diet was like

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  1. Breakfast – Poha, Upma, Sandwich, Omelette, Paneer Paratha etc.
  2. Lunch – He never stopped eating roti and rice in his weight loss journey. Rather, she used to eat home-cooked food every day, like 1 bowl of lentils, 1 cup of vegetables, 1 roti and salad.
  3. Dinner – She takes dinner before 8 pm. Green vegetables and a roti or pav bhaji or peas and flour kulcha or sambar idli
  4. Pre workout meal 5 overnight soaked almonds and chia seeds
  5. post workout meal 1 boiled egg
  6. cheat day – Nupur did not cheat in the first 4 months. But now she consumes chaat and golgappa once a week.
  7. low calorie recipe Puffed, Roasted Paneer, Makhane, Fruits


navbharat times

Nupur used to work out at home for half an hour 6 days a week before going to office. In this, she used to do strength training with dumbbells for 4 days. Apart from this, she used to do cardio and yo for two days. At the same time, she used to walk for half an hour after office.

At the age of 46, Uncle did wonders, reduced the weight of 25 Kg by removing roti and rice from the diet.

fitness secrets

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Nupur believes that with every loss of one kilogram, you feel that your age has also decreased. She says that it is not necessary that you take the help of expensive gyms and dieticians to stay fit. She says that she has invested only on one pair of dumbbells and yoga mat. At the same time, he got information related to weight loss through the Internet for free.

change in lifestyle

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The biggest change Nupur made in her lifestyle is that she puts her health first and then does household chores. Apart from this, he also considered early dinner as a reason for weight loss. At the same time, he not only ate home food but also kept a complete distance from sweet, fried, packaged and all-purpose flour products. It was only through all these changes that his weight was reduced.

Disclaimer: What worked for the author may not necessarily work for you. So avoid blindly following the diet-workout mentioned in this article and find out what works best for your body.

If you have your own story related to similar weight loss, then tell us nbtlifestyle@timesinternet.in send over.


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