World Mental Health Day: Like Deepika Padukone, these big stars have become victims of depression, told how they felt

World Mental Health Day: Like Deepika Padukone, these big stars have become victims of depression, told how they felt

When a person becomes a victim of depression due to hectic lifestyle and struggle to find time for himself, it cannot be said. However, mental health conditions do not discriminate. No matter how famous, rich and affluent you are. Here even your social status does not save you from getting caught in the clutches of depression. Not only the common man, but many of our Bollywood stars have also passed through this situation.

But there are very few people who come out openly and talk about it. Here we will tell you about 7 such celebs who not only fought depression but also showed the bravery to share their weak moments with the public.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is the celebrity who suffered from depression for a long time and she also spoke openly about her mental condition. In 2015, Padukone was widely appreciated for having an honest conversation with the media about her battle with depression. The Padmaavat actress is indeed one of those path breakers who turned her personal and painful battle into an opportunity to overcome the stigma attached to depression and anxiety.

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Anushka Sharma expressed concern about Anxiety

Anushka Sharma

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Anushka Sharma has also suffered from the pain of depression. He never tried to hide his disorder. She always talks about it openly. The beautiful actress took to Twitter and spoke about the need to normalize anxiety and other health conditions. The actress shared the code title on depression, in which she said that depression is a prison. Where you are both a victim prisoner and a brutal jailer. She told that even today people feel ashamed to talk about depression, I want to end this shame in people.

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shahrukh khan

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The dazzling world often hides the pain and tension behind the face. A similar pain was hidden behind the face of Bollywood’s popular Shah Rukh Khan for some time. King Khan has also faced this dreaded mental health condition.

In 2010, when he had to undergo shoulder ligament surgery, he felt that he had fallen into depression. At this time he was feeling very alone. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, 55, says the shoulder injury and pain had taken a turn called depression. But now I am out of it. I am happy and full of energy.

Varun Dhawan

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The actor had revealed how depressed he was while playing the role of a psycho in the film Badlapur. He said that I do not want to use the word depression loosely, because it is a serious illness. It has definitely affected my mental health. Even though I was not clinically depressed, my mind was constantly dragging me into negative territory.

Ileana D’Cruz

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Bollywood and Tollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz has always been candid about body dysmorphic disorder and her constant struggle with depression. He told how at one time body dysformic disorder and depression made him feel suicidal. I used to search for ways to commit suicide. Stayed in this position for 3 years. Rustom fame Ileana wants to make people aware that mental illness, like any other disease, needs help and treatment.

Karan Johar

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Karan Johar has also been in the grip of depression. The 49-year-old producer had to struggle for a year and a half with depression and anxiety. He had told in an interview that there had come a time in his life when he had to take anti-anxiety medicines. He said that when I was in depression, then I used to think that my heart would fail. He told that he also took many sessions and therapies to get out of it, which made his recovery very fast.

Shaheen Bhatt

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Shaheen Bhatt, daughter of Mahesh Bhatt and sister of Alia Bhatt, was also a victim of clinical depression for about 15 years. He dealt the biggest blow to his own family when he wrote a heartwarming post about depression on Instagram. She detailed how she had been living with depression since the age of 13. He told that one moment it seemed that everything was fine and the next day it seemed that someone had turned off the lights inside my head. I used to be silent and it was difficult to get out of bed. Let me tell you that she has also published a book about depression.

Depression is a mental condition that does not see whether you are a celebrity or a common person. So show courage like these celebrities and openly talk to people about it.


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