World Population Day 2021: Know when and why World Population Day is celebrated?


World Population Day 2021: The population of any country can be useful for it as a human resource, but the continuous uncontrollable population can also become a major cause of trouble for the same country. Illiteracy, unemployment, hunger and poverty are the result of uncontrolled population. There are solutions like family planning to deal with this big problem of increasing population, but due to lack of awareness among people, this problem is not getting rid of and it is increasing continuously. World Population Day (World Population Day 2021) is celebrated around the world on 11 July only to put a brake on the unnecessary and ever-increasing population. Let us know why World Population Day is celebrated and how the increasing population can be stopped.

Why is World Population Day celebrated?
The United Nations had decided to celebrate ‘World Population Day’ in the General Assembly on 11 July 1989. In fact, by July 11, 1987, the world population figure had crossed 5 billion. Then it was decided to celebrate it on a global scale to make people around the world aware of the growing population.

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world population day theme
The theme of World Population Day 2021 is Rights and Choices The answers are: Whether it is a baby boom or a bust, the solution to changing fertility rates is to prioritize reproductive health and rights for all people.

How is World Population Day celebrated?
On World Population Day, people are introduced to various rules to control population all over the world. Apart from this, people are discussed on the issue of family planning. On this day, efforts are made to make people aware through population control programs from place to place. From gender equality, health of mother and child, gender education, use of contraceptive drugs to sex, all serious topics are discussed openly with people.

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On this day, all efforts are made at the national and international level to make solutions to stop the increasing population and to make people aware of this. Conferences are organized in many places and somewhere on these topics. is discussed. However, these conferences have been banned during the Corona period. Along with this, people are also informed about different types of contraception on this day so that they can adopt these measures and stop the growing population.


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