Yoga Session: In the festive season, subtle yoga practices will reduce the negative effects of heavy diet

Yoga Session: In the festive season, subtle yoga practices will reduce the negative effects of heavy diet

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: No one has control over the food in the festive season. Well, this season we can’t even control it. But a little caution is needed. By practicing yoga, we can reduce the negative effects of it. For this subtle practices can be very beneficial. Today yoga instructor Savita Yadav has taught how to take care of one’s own health through these subtle exercises in the live yoga session of News18. Come, let us know what small subtle exercises you can do to keep the body fit.

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Mind also gets peace by subtle practice
Do not put too much stress on the body for doing subtle exercises. There is an easy exercise for this. Just for this, practice with the mind daily, along with the body, the mind will also get a lot of peace. For this, in the first subtle practice, sit in the posture of meditation by hitting a cross. Keep the waist straight and take long deep breaths and exhale long deep breaths. Concentrate full attention on your body. If you wish, you can chant Om or recite verses with folded hands. Do this action for about 5 minutes. After this, slowly the body will relax and get up. After this, stand in the posture of caution and bring both the feet from below. Then lift the soles of both feet together as high as you can. Keep it elevated for some time, then bring it to the ground. Leg pain disappears by this exercise. Apart from this, there is no pain in the knees and in the ankles either. Do this exercise at least 20 times, then you will feel a lot of benefit.

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Stepping brings strength to the feet

Follow this exercise step by step. Raise your legs as high as you can. If you raise it completely, it will be better. Now increase its speed. If you move well, you will sweat. After this, gradually reduce the speed of the step. After this, bend one of your legs backwards. Similarly, by taking the other leg back and lifting it up. Do hand rotation after this exercise. In this, take both the hands up and bring them down while emphasizing on the front part of the body. Similarly, move both the hands backwards and bring them down from the back side while emphasizing on the body.

Sarvang pushti asana
After these subtle practices, one has to do Sarvang Confirmation Yoga. It confirms all the organs. This will also cure old back pain. It reduces the fat around the waist. To do this, spread both the legs. After this, move both the hands completely forward. Put the right hand on top of the left hand. After this, taking the breath in, move both the hands together as far back as you can. After that, slowly bending the waist, bring the hands towards the right leg. After this, while moving the hands backwards, bend the waist backwards and then join it while bending the left leg.

Surya Namaskar
You have to stand alert and come in the posture of Namaskar. Greet with folded hands. Close your eyes and meditate on the rising sun with your eyes closed. Meditate on the Sun in your mind and seek blessings to make you energetic and powerful. After this, while exhaling, move both the hands upwards. Then in the same posture, bend as far back as you can and bend forward while relaxing. If bending forward, you bring it near the toes of your feet, then it will be better. Repeat this sequence several times. Surya Namaskar relaxes the mind and body.

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