Yoga Session: To purify the mind and keep the stomach clean, do Tadasana

Yoga Session: To purify the mind and keep the stomach clean, do Tadasana

Yoga Session with Savita Yadav: While practicing yoga, you should definitely keep in mind your ability. Do any exercise according to your ability. Today many types of exercises were shown and taught in the yoga session. In the live session today, many other exercises including small subtle exercises, Tadasana and Pranayama were taught. By doing these asanas, the body remains in shape and the body remains flexible. Pranayama and Sukshukrayama are such practices, which should be done daily. There is no need to put any kind of extra effort in these exercises. Both exercises are done very easily. In both of these exercises, subtle yama should be done first. After this pranayama should be done. Pranayama means to give dimension to the life. This increases the efficiency of your lungs and you can breathe well. This improves blood circulation. There are many benefits of Pranayama. People of all ages can do Pranayama.

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first microcosm
Straighten your waist and sit in the posture of meditation. If you have difficulty in sitting, then spread both the legs straight forward. Bring your attention to the body. Concentrate it in your mind. Close your eyes and divert attention from all sides. Just focus on your body for a while. Take a nice long deep breath and let it out slowly. Exhale in such a way that the body becomes very comfortable. After this action, chant Om or recite other shlokas or mantras. Do this exercise according to your ability.

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Before doing this exercise, stand comfortably. Bring both the feet close to each other. Keep the waist and neck straight. After this, raise your hand above the head and while breathing slowly pull the whole body upwards. The more the stretch, the better this exercise will be. Feel the stretch from the toes to the toes. Maintain this state for some time and inhale and exhale. While breathing in this exercise, keep the stomach inside. Focus on yourself. Do this exercise according to your ability. Tadasana yoga makes the whole body flexible. This practice is best for purification of mind. This exercise is also very good for the stomach. This exercise is very good for cleaning the stomach. This practice also removes the problem of constipation. This is a yoga posture that brings flexibility in the muscles to a great extent. It lightens the body and relaxes the mind. Apart from this, it also gives shape and beauty to the body. Melts the excess body fat and brings a new glow in your personality.
second subtle exercise
After this exercise, while standing and inhaling, you will raise both the hands up. Join the fingers of both the hands with each other. Then while breathing in this position, bend to the right side. Bend as much as you can bear. Stay bent for about 5 seconds, then come to a straight position. Then repeat the same sequence on the left side. Do this exercise about five times. After this exercise, open the hands. Keep the feet slightly apart from each other. Then move both the hands to the right side first. Breathe in while rotating, then release the breath while rolling it back. Now do the same sequence on the left side. There is only rotation of the wrist, so do this process with utmost ease. Repeat this exercise in sets of about 10-10. Do this exercise daily.
Before doing pranayama, if possible, apply punishment 10 times. This gives energy to the body. Do butterfly after this exercise. In butterfly, put both the feet close to each other. Then hold the fingers of both the feet tightly with the hand. Then move it up and down like a butterfly’s wing. Gradually increase the speed of this exercise. Now come in the posture of Pranayama and completely relax the body for a while. Keep the body stable. With every breath in Pranayama, the body becomes comfortable. Kapal Bharti will be the first to do Pranayama today. If there is any problem related to stomach, then do not do this exercise. Apart from this, heart patients should also not do this exercise. For this, sit straight with the waist straight. After this, take a strong breath in and then exhale vigorously. Repeat this sequence as per your capacity. Do this exercise for about five minutes. By doing this exercise regularly, you will feel many benefits.

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