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Chinese Investment in Africa: Africa has played on Xi Jinping’s ambitions, many countries canceled China’s projects


Nairobi / Beijing
China’s loan-enslavement strategy has suffered a major setback in Africa. Several countries in Africa have canceled projects from China, while others are under review. China was trying to make these countries its economic slaves by giving loans through the Belt and Road Initiative. Not only this, China was also exploiting the resources of African countries to meet its domestic needs. Chinese companies were engaged in exploiting Africa not only through natural but also human labor.

Africa not happy with the poor work of Chinese companies
According to the Singapore Post report, the poor work of Chinese companies has become a source of tension for the ruling system in many countries of the African continent. To overcome this, many countries are engaged in reviewing the deal made with China. Chinese companies are also not following the rules of the deal. They are either negligent in almost all the projects or they are left pending.

BRI in Africa: This African country will give a shock of 44 thousand crores to China! Reviewing mining deals
Ghana canceled the contract of the Chinese company
The African country of Ghana recently canceled the contract of Beijing Everyway Traffic and Lighting Tech Company. This company was about to build an intelligent traffic management system in Ghana. The Government of Ghana, in its investigation, found that the work of Everyway Traffic and Lightning Tech did not meet any satisfaction. After which he announced to cancel the entire deal in one go.

navbharat timesNew country trapped in China’s debt trap, had to give its power grid
Congo is also reviewing the Chinese deal
A few days ago, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) had announced to start a review of a mining deal with China worth about 44 thousand crores. Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi said he wants to make fair deals for his country. China’s exploitative nature angered the president, saying that those with whom his country signed contracts are getting richer while the DRC (Congo) people remain poor. In 2008, then-Congolese President Joseph Kabila signed a deal with Chinese state-owned Sinohydro Corp and China Railway Group.

navbharat timesNow China is strengthening its hold on Africa, invested 33 thousand crores even in Corona period
Kenya canceled a $3.2 billion deal
In July last year, Kenya also gave a big blow to China. The High Court of Kenya ordered the cancellation of the deal for the construction of a standard gauge rail line. The total value of this deal between China and Kenya was around USD 3.2 billion. The court had declared the entire project illegal. The court had also told that Kenya’s Kenya Railway Standard Gauge has not worked as per the standards regarding this deal.

navbharat timesChina’s presence in Djibouti increased US, France’s uneasiness
China investing heavily in African countries
In the year 2020, when the whole world was troubled by the corona virus epidemic, then China had invested more than 33 thousand crores in many countries of Africa. China’s move can be gauged from the fact that it is investing in many projects in Africa’s oil, gas and mineral producing countries.

navbharat timesThis country on the verge of ruin due to the greed of China, has a bad effect on the environment, forest-land and animals.
Nigeria has given the highest loan
Last year, the China Development Bank (CDB) and the Export-Import Bank invested at least $3.1 billion in the Ajokuta-Kaduna-Kano natural gas pipeline project in Nigeria. China has reduced its investment in energy projects by at least 43 percent in 2020 compared to 2019. However, the reason for this is being attributed to the corona virus epidemic. Due to the epidemic, the work of projects in the African country came to a standstill, while China had to spend on health in its own country.

navbharat timesNow Kenya gives a blow to China, billion dollar railway project canceled
China has invested money in these African countries
China’s China Development Bank (CDB) and Export-Import Bank of China (Exim Bank) are making massive investments for hydro power stations in Ivory Coast and Rwanda and solar facilities in Lesotho. Apart from these countries, these two state-owned Chinese banks have also financed projects worth billions of dollars in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia and Serbia. A large part of this amount is associated with the Belt and Road Initiative, the ambitious project of Chinese President Xi Jinping.


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Nusrat Bharucha shared the motion poster of ‘Janhit Mein’, the shooting of the film started


Bollywood actress Nushrat Bharucha has many interesting projects in the coming time. Nushrat Bharucha recently shared the new motion poster of her next film ‘Janhit Mein Jaari’ on social media.

Nushrat Bharucha has shared the motion poster of her upcoming film ‘Janhit Mein Jari’ from her Instagram account on Thursday. Along with this Nusrat Bharucha has written, ‘Ek woman is heavy on all, this information is issued in public interest’. It is worth noting that a few days ago, producer Vinod Bhanushali and writer-director Raaj Shaandilyaa announced the film by sharing a poster.

Nushrat Bharucha is in the lead role in the film ‘Janhit Mein Jari’ and she will be seen in a very different character. Apart from Nushrat Bharucha, Anud Dhaka, Annu Kapoor and Paritosh Tripathi are also in important roles in the film. The shooting of the film has started on Thursday in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh.

Talking about the film ‘Janhit Mein Jari’, it is an unusual, relevant and laughing film. The film is written by Raaj Shaandilyaa and Jai Bantu Singh is directing the film. Jai Bantu Singh is directing a film for the first time.

Apart from the film ‘Janhit Mein Jari’, Nushrat Bharucha will be seen in horror film ‘Chhori’, ‘Ram Setu’ with Akshay Kumar and ‘Huddang’ with Sunny Kaushal. Nushrat Bharucha last worked with Rajkummar Rao in the film ‘Chhalaang’.

Nushrat Bharucha

Nushrat Bharucha


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who will win todays ipl match kkr vs mi– Navbharat Times Poll


POLL: Mumbai vs Kolkata match in IPL today, who will be the winner? .

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Tata Punch SUV to be unveiled on October 4. Here’s what we know so far


Tata Punch is gearing up for the Indian automotive ring and will be officially unveiled on October 4. Tata Punch is a micro SUV that is expected to be a comparatively affordable offering and is likely going to rival players in the entry-end of the sub-compact SUV space as well as the likes of Maruti Suzuki Ignis and the upcoming Citroen C3.

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Tata is expected to officially launch the Punch SUV during the festive season and it could emerge as a strong offering for those looking for an SUV form factor packaged at a lucrative price point.

It has already been confirmed that Tata Punch will have multiple terrain modes to enhance its drive traits and is likely to feature a number of safety features as well.

This micro SUV is based on the ALFA-ARC (Agile Light Flexible Advanced Architecture), developed under Impact 2.0 design language. The Tata Punch micro SUV carries a bold look at the front and the rear. Its SUV-ish visual profile and the high stance with Harrier-like LED DRL units along with headlights, a wide bonnet design and a pronounced grille make it appear bolder.

It gets big black cladding and arrow-shaped wrap-around taillights at the rear. Alloy wheels under large wheel arches make it bold looking. The Tata Punch remains to some extent true to the concept version HBX showcased during the Auto Expo last year.

Inside the cabin, Tata Punch gets coloured accents on the AC vents along with a dual-tone interior theme. There is a large touchscreen infotainment system and a digital-analogue instrument cluster. Both of these seem to have been sourced from the Tata Altroz premium hatchback. Other features include a multi-function flat-bottom steering wheel, automatic climate control, a start-stop button etc.

This five-seater SUV is likely to be offered with a 1.2-litre petrol engine along with a turbocharged unit as an option. The engine would be mated to a five-speed manual gearbox, while an automatic gearbox will be on offer as well. This engine is capable of producing 86 PS of power and 113 Nm of torque.


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Should diabetic patients eat desi ghee or not? Know what experts say

 Should diabetic patients eat desi ghee or not?  Know what experts say

Desi Ghee for Diabetic Patient : Diabetes is the worst result of a bad lifestyle. When our diet is not right, then the amount of sugar in our blood starts increasing, due to which diabetes occurs. One has to always be cautious about what to eat and what not to eat in diabetes. The sugar is to be taken less, the things in which the amount of sugar is there, they should also be consumed negligibly. Oil, spices etc. to be avoided, but what to do with desi ghee? Can I take desi in sugar?

only my health According to dot com, desi ghee contains healthy fats, which do not allow the nutrients present in your food to be destroyed. And due to this process, blood sugar level is controlled. The website has spoken to Dr. Smita Singh, a dietician at Wellness Diet Clinic, Lucknow on this subject.

Desi Ghee Better for Gut Hormones
Dietician Dr. Smita Singh says that diabetic patients can take desi ghee in food. But its quantity should not be exceeded. If you consume desi ghee in the limit, then it does not have any effect on diabetes. According to Dr. Smita Singh, eating ghee improves the functioning of gut hormones and improves gut hormone, insulin hormone, which keeps diabetes under control.

Cholesterol level will also be under control
According to Dr. Smita Singh, if you use desi ghee, then the cholesterol level will also be under control. According to many dieticians, the use of desi ghee is beneficial, while cooking oil harms our health. To control the blood sugar level, you should use desi ghee instead of refined or any kind of oil.

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desi ghee controls high blood sugar
According to dietician Dr Singh, fatty acids are present in ghee, which works to control high blood sugar, but you have to take special care that only cow’s ghee is eaten. Ghee is also beneficial for the digestive system. If you take the right amount of ghee daily, then you can get rid of the problem of constipation.

Reduced risk of heart diseases
Dr Singh further explains that the amount of vitamins is present in ghee and it also contains anti-oxidants which work to increase your immunity. Increasing immunity reduces the risk of diabetes and diabetes also remains under control by consuming ghee. If you are a diabetic patient then you will be more prone to heart disease, but desi ghee contains linoleic acid, which reduces the risk of heart diseases.

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Include desi ghee in your diet
Dietician Dr. Singh says in the report that if you have diabetes or are seeing symptoms of diabetes, then stop using cooking oil completely. If you use half a teaspoon of ghee instead of oil for paratha. If you are looking for a way to make paratha healthy, then you can dry roast the paratha and put half a teaspoon of ghee on it. On the other hand, you use ghee to cook the vegetables.

never do this
Diabetic patients should also avoid taking extra fat, like some people eat extra ghee in lentils from above, but if you are a diabetic patient, then avoid doing so. Of course, desi ghee is beneficial for our health, but do not consume too much of it, you should not consume more than two spoons of ghee in a day.

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Then the alarm bell rang! All the money in the account will fly away in a minute, this dangerous Drinik virus stealing the data of Android users


Table of Contents


  • Virus threat to Android users
  • Targeting Indian banking users
  • This malware steals personal information

New Delhi. Once again Android users are under threat of virus. As per CERT-IN advisory, Drinik malware is targeting Indian banking users. It is spreading in the form of income tax refund. It is a banking Trojan that is capable of phishing screens and tricking users into entering sensitive banking details.

How new malware gets installed on Android phone-
On how Drinik works, CERT-In has said that the victim receives an SMS with a link to a phishing website (similar to the website of Income Tax Department, Government of India). Here he has to enter personal details and asked to download and install an APK file. This is done to complete the verification process. This malware-infested Android app looks like an Income Tax Department app.

What to do when malware is installed in Android phone-
When the malware is installed, the app asks the users to give necessary permissions like SMS, call log, contacts, etc. If the user does not enter any information on the website, the same screen with the form appears in the Android app. Users are asked to fill it.

What data is stolen by Drinik-

Drinik steals user’s full name, PAN, Aadhaar number, address, date of birth, mobile number, email address and financial details like account number, IFSC code, CIF number, debit card number, expiry date, CVV and PIN .

Personal details are stolen by malware-
When users enter their personal details, the app tells them that their income tax amount will be returned which is said to be transferred to their bank account. When the users enters the amount and clicks on transfer, the application shows an error. Then it shows a fake update screen. It displays a screen to install the updates, then sends user details, including SMS and call logs, to the Trojan hacker’s machine in the backend.

According to CERT-In, “These details are used by hackers to create bank specific mobile banking screens and display them on users’ devices. Users are then asked to enter mobile banking credentials and they are stolen by the hackers.” Is.

How to stay safe

  • Disable app downloading from unknown sources on your Android phone. CERT-In tells you to limit your download sources to the official App Store.
  • Before installing any app, check the details of the app thoroughly. Before downloading or installing an app on an Android device, check its details. Even from the Google Play Store, always pay attention to app details, how many times it has been downloaded, user reviews, comments etc.
  • Before installing the app, verify all the permissions of the app. Give the app only those machines that have relevant context for the purpose of the app. Do not check the Untrusted Sources checkbox to install side-loaded apps.
  • Don’t forget to browse untrusted websites. Also do not click on any unknown link. One needs to be careful while clicking on the link given in any email and SMS.
  • It is also extremely important to identify numbers that do not look like mobile phone numbers. Scammers often do not disclose their real phone numbers and use email-to-text services.
  • Any shortened URLs require utmost care. If someone has shortened the URL with bit.ly and tinyurl, then clicking on them can prove to be dangerous. Users are advised not to shorten the entire domain of the website they are visiting. Hover your cursor over and use the URL checker. It will allow users to enter the shortened URL and view the full URL.


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Matthew McConaughey still ‘measuring’ Texas gubernatorial run; polling well against Abbott, O’Rourke


Actor Matthew McConaughey said this week he is still “measuring” a potential gubernatorial run in Texas next year, according to reports.

“Look, it’s going to be in some capacity. …I just — I’m more of a folksy and philosopher-poet statesman than I am a, per se, definitive politician,” McConaughey said on the “Set‌ ‌it‌ ‌Straight:‌ ‌Myths‌ ‌and‌ ‌Legends” podcast Tuesday, according to The Hill. “So I go, well, that’s a reason not to, but then I go, no, that’s exactly why you should, because politics needs redefinition, but I’m measuring, you know, what is my category? What’s my embassy?”

The “Dallas Buyers Club” actor has been mulling a run for about a year and a recent poll shows him doing better than Democrat Beto O’Rourke against current Gov. Greg Abbott, beating Abbott 44-35%, according to the Houston Chronicle.


AUSTIN, TEXAS – JANUARY 21:  Matthew McConaughey participates in a Q&A after a special screening of his new film “The Gentlemen” at Hogg Memorial Auditorium at The University of Texas at Austin on January 21, 2020 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

The podcast’s hosts, members of the band Midland, had urged McConaughey to go for it.

“I have to remain an artist,” he said on the podcast, The Hill reported. “I’ve earned my right to enjoy that Saturday night part of life, that music part of life. It has to have music to it. You know what I mean. I’m very good at being diligent, Monday morning, practical, structure, I’m all of that. But I gotta continue to be an artist in what I do.”


O’Rourke plans to challenge Abbott, Axios reported last Sunday. The former presidential candidate hasn’t yet made an official announcement.

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By eating this light thing in pregnancy, anemia and iron deficiency can be overcome


what is needed

To make this Doodhi Thepla, you need cup grated bottle gourd, 2 cups wheat flour, cup low fat curd, tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp red chilli powder, 1 tsp oil, salt as per taste.

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method of preparation

navbharat times

To make Doodhi Thepla, take a big vessel and put all the ingredients in it. Then add tsp oil to it and knead the dough. If needed, you can also add water to it and knead the dough.

Now apply some oil on the hands and knead the dough again till it becomes soft.

After this, make 15 equal balls of the dough.

You have to make roti from this dough but your roti should be a little thin.

Then take a non stick tava (griddle) and fry thepla in it till it turns golden brown from both the sides.

Serve the milky theplas hot.

this tip will work

navbharat times

Do not use too thin curd as it will make the dough very sticky. If the dough becomes sticky, add some more dry flour and knead it again.

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how to eat

navbharat times

You can eat these delicious doodhi theplas as a snack anytime of the day. You can also eat it with masala tea.

Benefits of eating milk thepla

navbharat times

This Doodhi Thepla is rich in protein, calcium and fiber. This thepla is made from healthy ingredients like bottle gourd, wheat flour and curd. It has very little sodium in it. To avoid high BP in pregnancy, eating this thepla is very beneficial. This helps in keeping the blood cholesterol level low and also keeps the blood pressure under control. It also helps in blood flow to all parts of the body.

Acidity is very troublesome in pregnancy and this thepla can help you to avoid this problem. If you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, then doodhi thepla will be good for you too.

Many benefits come from gourd

navbharat times

Gourd is low in fat and cholesterol while it is rich in fiber. If your weight is increasing or you are constipated, then you should include bottle gourd in your diet.

It is very low in calories and bottle gourd seeds can be used to cure headaches especially those that accompany morning sickness.


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PM Modi US Visit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in mission mode on US tour, on the other hand Pakistanis are asking – where is Imran Khan


New Delhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached America to attend the session of the United Nations General Assembly. This visit of PM Modi is very important and challenging in view of the Taliban’s power in Afghanistan amid the Corona epidemic. They face the challenge of handling many things at once. If the challenge is bigger then PM Modi is also seen in mission mode which is reflected in his schedule. External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar is also standing on the front. Amidst all this, there is an echo in Pakistan of PM Modi’s visit to America. Pakistanis are asking why Imran Khan is completely missing from the scene.

Why this visit of PM Modi to America is the most challenging so far?
What would be going through his mind when PM Modi landed in Washington DC early today? This question is because Modi is on his most challenging mission this time. Although he has gone to America many times before, but the scene is completely different on this. This is probably the first journey of his tenure in which he has a challenge to handle many things. With the arrival of Taliban in Afghanistan, the way all the equations in the world and especially in South Asia have changed, what Modi will do in the next 3 days is being watched by everyone. If we look at the schedule of Modi’s visit, it will become clear.

PM Modi US Visit: See what PM Modi does on long distance flights

Modi is in mission mode from day one. Meetings with CEOs of giant companies, bilateral meetings with Australian PM Scott Morrison, US Vice President Kamala Harris and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, are just the agenda for the first day. His meeting with US President Joe Biden is also scheduled in the White House on 24. This is the first meeting of Biden and PM Modi after becoming the President of America. However, since November, both the leaders have spoken on the phone 3 times and have also participated in virtual summits together. In the midst of all this, External Affairs Minister Jaishankar is also on the mission.

navbharat timesPM Modi America Visit: PM Modi’s US tour will start from today, with a meeting with Quad leaders, the focus will be on these issues
PM Modi’s visit echoes in Pakistani media
On the other hand, the echo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit is being heard in Pakistani media. Panelists and anchors on news channels are cursing the Imran Khan government. Questions are being raised that Imran Khan, who is patting himself on the back of the Taliban, is no longer in the scene. A panelist said that the eyes of the whole world are on PM Modi’s visit to America. There he will meet US President Joe Biden. Will hold meeting with Quad leaders. Someone is questioning that while Imran Khan yearns for a phone call from Biden, Modi is desperate for Istqbal in the White House. Imran Khan is not even going to America for the UN meeting by making the excuse of Corona. Pakistani TV media is saying that India’s influence in America has increased significantly. External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar is constantly active but Shah Mehmood Qureshi is nowhere to be seen. India is making the countries of the world aware of its stand on the Taliban issue. One anchor even alleged that India used Britain and New Zealand, the cricket teams of both the countries withdrew from the tour of Pakistan.

navbharat timesAfghanistan, terrorism, China… PM Modi’s US visit, what is on the agenda for talks with Biden?

Jaishankar engaged in thwarting the nefarious game of Pak-China in Afghanistan
After the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, Pakistan and China have been trying nefariously to use Afghan land against India. External Affairs Minister S.K. Jaishankar is constantly active. He also went on a 4-day New York visit last month to prepare for Prime Minister Modi’s US visit. Even at this time he is stationed in America. In the last 2-3 days he has been in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Japan, Tanzania, Chile, Sri Lanka, Finland, Hungary, Dominica Republic, South Korea, Italy, Cyprus, UK, France, Belgium, Had a meeting with foreign ministers of all countries including Lithuania, Norway. The agenda for most of the meetings was Afghanistan.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting Indian-Americans in Washington DC


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Remove the bitterness of cucumber in these 3 special ways, you will enjoy eating it


Remove Bitterness Of Cucumber: Cucumber is used as a salad in most of the homes. Cucumber is also very good for the stomach. It has a high amount of fiber, due to which the problem of constipation gets rid of. Also, by eating cucumber, the lack of water in the body is also removed. It is very good to eat cucumber in the summer season. It makes the digestive system strong. Many types of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes are found in cucumber. Eating cucumber also helps in reducing weight. From reducing cholesterol to removing stomach problems, cucumber also helps, but sometimes cucumber turns out to be bitter.

In such a situation, not only does the taste of food get spoiled, as well as hard work and money are also wasted. Let us tell you about some special and easy ways to cut cucumber or remove the bitterness of cucumber. By adopting these tricks of cutting cucumber, you can remove the bitterness of cucumber.

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The simplest and best way to cut cucumber is to cut the cucumber exactly from the middle with the help of a knife. Now cut the front and back parts and remove them. In this way the cucumber will never turn bitter. The bitterness of the cucumber goes away completely when the cucumber is directly plucked from the middle.

The second and easiest way to cut the cucumber is to cut the cucumber a little from the top. Now apply some salt and keep rubbing the cut pieces in circular motions. When foam starts to form, then understand that bitterness is coming out. Similarly, make a cut from the other side and rub it. Now wash the cucumber thoroughly and cut it. This removes the bitterness of the cucumber.

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The third way to cut cucumber is to cut the last part of the cucumber and peel the cucumber. Now make several holes in the cucumber with the help of a fork. This will show holes in the cucumber and after keeping it for a while, the bitterness of the cucumber will come out automatically. Before cutting to eat, wash the cucumber and then cut it and eat it.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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