Amarinder Singh: Will Captain Amarinder be able to persuade the BJP on the written MSP? Why the matter of alliance… understand the whole matter


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BJP does not have any big face in Punjab at this time. After splitting from the Akali Dal over the agriculture law, the BJP is without a rookie in Punjab. In such a situation, after the announcement of the formation of a new party by Captain Amarinder Singh and the Captain talking of an alliance with the BJP, there has been a hope for the Bharatiya Janata Party. The Captain, however, said that he would forge an alliance with the BJP only after the issue of agrarian reform laws is resolved.

Will the Captain be able to convince the BJP on his own terms?
The Captain told the BJP that he stood with Punjab on any ideological problem. It is clear from this that the Captain understands the importance of farmers in Punjab. At the same time, Amarinder said that the Bharatiya Janata Party is not a communal party. The Captain also termed the BJP being anti-Muslim as wrong. Said that there was no opposition to the Modi government in Punjab before the farmers’ movement. It is so clear from the Captain’s words that he wants to make his inroads in Punjab to Delhi and for this the support of BJP is necessary, but will Amarinder Singh, who talks about farmers’ interest, be able to convince BJP on his own terms?

Amarinder and BJP can complement each other in Punjab
While the numbered months remain in the Punjab Assembly elections, Captain Amarinder Singh and the BJP are busy strengthening themselves. This is possible only when BJP gets a strong face in Punjab. At the same time, if the Captain himself can do something in the interest of farmers in Punjab, then it will be a big deal for him and for this the support of BJP is necessary. Both are well aware that nothing is possible in Punjab by separating the farmers and both need each other at this time.

Captain can become a hero if he succeeds in getting MSP in writing
MSP is a major issue in agricultural laws. Many times farmers have demanded MSP guarantee in writing. If Captain Amarinder Singh succeeds in getting this done from BJP, then it will be a big achievement for him. At the same time, a few days ago, there was a 45-minute meeting between Captain and Amit Shah. After the meeting, the Captain had said that he discussed with Amit Shah the long-running farmers’ movement against agricultural laws. Apart from supporting Punjab in diversification of crops, Amit Shah urged to repeal the laws and resolve the crisis immediately with the guarantee of MSP.

Punjab Politics: Captain Amarinder Singh announces to form a new party, says this big thing on farmers’ movement
Captain and BJP’s voice on nationalism
If we talk about nationalism, then BJP and Captain have the same tone. From many public forums, Captain Amarinder Singh has supported many decisions of BJP for the security of the country. Not only this, it is clear from the statement given by the Captain on Sidhu that how vocal he is towards nationalism. At the same time, BJP leaders are seeing nationalism in Captain and calling him a nationalist.

So why did Amarinder Singh not join BJP?
If we look at the strategy behind this statement of Amarinder, joining BJP will not be a profitable deal for him, but he may have to bear the loss. Amarinder has been a vocal opponent of all three agricultural laws and had also supported the farmers’ movement. The movement has a large number of farmers from Punjab who have been supporting the Congress. In such a situation, it would not be right for Amarinder to take his displeasure before the election.

navbharat times
Amarinder Singh New Party: Captain’s new party will tie up with BJP in Punjab elections, there is only one condition
Amarinder has already formed a separate party
Now Amarinder is left with the option of launching a new party. Amarinder had broken ties with the Congress once earlier in 1984 in protest against Operation Blue Star. He was in the Akali Dal for some time. After breaking away from the party, in 1992, he formed the Akali Dal Panthik Party. In 1998, he merged his party with the Congress.



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