Bad intention to occupy Northeast, Pakistan’s help in Kashmir… Expert warns about China’s conspiracy


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Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, China is rapidly increasing its presence in the Indo-Pacific region. Its attitude towards India has been aggressive for decades. There has been tension on the LAC for a long time. Jinping has on several occasions given a statement to the Chinese army to be ready for war. Why is China provoking tensions with India on the LAC, trying to challenge America’s sovereignty in every sphere of the global order? Jaydev Ranade, who was Additional Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat and is currently the President of the Center for China Analysis and Strategy, explains China’s deep moves behind this. China’s aggression is nothing but the result of its fear that it is feeling from India!

In our associate newspaper Times of India, Ranade has told about the fear of China, to overcome it, it is aggressive on the LAC. He wrote that in October last year, a 72-page article was published on China’s popular portal Zhihu. This portal is run under the supervision of the Beijing Municipal Communist Party.
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It has been told in the article that India may become a ‘big problem’ for China in future. It has been argued that India may be far behind China at the moment, but due to population and other growth, it will be able to overtake China in a few years and then it will seek ‘revenge’ from China. It has been advised in the article that China should annex Aksai Chin as well as the entire PoK, Baltistan and Gilgit. Control Ladakh also and help Pakistan to capture Kashmir. The article also advised that China should separate the states of Northeast India from the rest of the country to ensure that India never becomes a challenge to China!

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According to Ranade, the next few years are going to be very important. In recent times, Xi Jinping has become very powerful in China. They have complete control over the power. He aspires to be immortal in the history of China like Mao Zedong and Deng. For this, he will proceed on an aggressive expansionist policy.

Referring to China’s devious moves, Ranade says that India is also trying fast to counter it. He has written that the hardline nationalist PM Narendra Modi is not going to bow down to the bully of China. He is engaged in countering the aggressive China in a very systematic manner. For this, on the one hand, China is being siege through strong alliances at the international level, and on the other hand, the dependence on the supply chain which is dominated by China is being reduced.


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