Common Room: The world has broken the hopes of Afghan women


Anu Jain Rohatgi

Film director Anurag Kashyap has tweeted an appeal to Sahra Karimi, the first woman director general of a state-run film company in Afghanistan. In this appeal viral on social media, Sahra has appealed for help from all over the world, presenting a live picture of the pathetic condition of her country.

Sahra writes, ‘I am writing to you with a broken heart and deep hope that you will join hands in saving my dear countrymen, especially filmmakers. Help us We have very little time, maybe only a few days. The Taliban have taken control of several provinces in the past few weeks. They have killed our people, kidnapped many children, sold girls as child brides, killed a woman because of her clothes, killed one of our beloved comedians after torturing them, killed our poets Is.’

Afghan Women

Sahra’s appeal came to the fore, also became a topic of discussion but alas it is too late. The Taliban’s return to Afghanistan is the beginning of terror and horror for the Afghans, especially the women and girls there. In the last 15-20 years, the opportunity that he had got to study, hang out, show his skills from politics to professional field, now it has started snatching away. Scared women feel that the day is not far when they will again be imprisoned in the walls of the house. This is the reason why many of the people who are trying to leave their homeland are dying at Kabul airport for the last several days, among them are many women.

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There is no doubt that in Afghanistan, from educated women living in cities like Sahra to ordinary women of villages, they kept fighting with the Taliban for their existence and independence. Hundreds of Afghan women were seen declaring their war against the Taliban regime. Guns in their hands, anti-Taliban slogans on their faces, it was clear that they were fully prepared to fight a cross-border battle against the Taliban. Meanwhile, the appointment of 20 women commandos in the Afghan army had given a new spirit to these women. But they did not get enough support from the human rights advocates and after losing the battle, now these women are being pushed back into the darkness of oblivion and slavery.

Afghan Women 2

Afghanistan, which has become the worst place for women, was considered no less than a paradise for women a few decades ago. Women lived freely and did whatever they wanted to do. Girls used to study in school-college wearing mini skirts. The fashion show of Afghanistan was discussed all over the world. Modern to modern clothing, once seen in Afghanistan, adorned London and Paris. Afghan women were sitting in high positions along with education, sports, politics. Women got the right to vote in Afghanistan in 1919 and around this women got voting rights in countries like UK and US. It can be guessed that the status of women in Afghanistan was at par with the modern, developed countries of today.

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In 1919, Amanullah Khan became the king and his wife Soraya did everything that gave women equality, education and opportunity to advance in every field. Till date, in many developed and developing countries, women have not got a respectable place in politics, but in Afghanistan, 27 percent of women’s seats in politics were fixed years ago. There was a time when the Afghan parliament had more women than the US Congress.

Time will tell how the women of Afghanistan continue to fight for their freedom. One thing she has definitely come to know is that it is useless to expect outsiders to be free. They have to fight and win this battle on their own.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.

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