Corona will become like a common cold in the coming times… Big claim of NHS founder


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Corona, which is wreaking havoc all over the world, will also become like common cold and cold in the coming times. This is to say of Sir Malcolm Grant, the founding chairman of the National Health Service (NHS) of England. It is another matter that it will take time. The reason is that there is still a lot about the corona virus that is not known about.

Attending an event here, Grant said India has had an opportunity to make a significant difference to what is already being done in the healthcare sector.

“The complexities in India are enormous. This is because social conditions differ from state to state. Investment in healthcare does not always come from the government. The private sector can be the driver of change and reform in the health care system in India.

Corona infection rate high among people up to the age of 19 in India, revealed in WHO study

Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII) is manufacturing the Covidshield vaccine. It is jointly created by Oxford University and AstraZeneca.

Grant stressed that in the long run, early diagnosis using the latest technology will be the key to fighting the disease.

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University of York Chancellor Grant said that Covid-19 will also become like the common cold in the coming times, but it will take time. The reason is that ‘there is still a lot about the corona virus that we do not know about.’

He said, ‘It is still a terrible epidemic. In America, 53,000 people are still losing their lives every week due to this deadly virus. The number of cases in Europe is much higher. However, there has been a decrease in the number of hospitalizations and casualties.

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