Covid-19: 594 doctors died across the country during the second wave of corona virus, the highest in Delhi


New Delhi
During the second wave of corona virus epidemic in the country, 594 doctors died due to this infection, out of which 107 doctors lost their lives in the national capital Delhi. Indian Medical Association (IMA) has given this information. According to the IMA, 748 doctors lost their lives during the first wave of this pandemic.

According to the data of IMA’s Covid-19 Registry, during the second wave, 107 doctors in Delhi, 96 in Bihar, 67 in Uttar Pradesh, 43 in Rajasthan, 39 in Jharkhand and 32 each in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana lost their lives due to this virus. Lost life

IMA President J. a. Jayalal said, ‘Last year 748 doctors died in India due to Covid-19, while during this wave 594 doctors lost their lives in a short time.’


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