Delhi Liquor Shop News: Liquor shops opened in Delhi, people empty handed on the first day, know how


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  • Even after the opening of liquor shops in Delhi, people had to live empty handed on the first day
  • Wine and beer were not available in many shops
  • The situation is expected to improve in the next few days

New Delhi
The process of opening of liquor shops started in the national capital Delhi on Wednesday under the new Excise Policy. However, on the first day, many shops did not open and people did not get the liquor of their favorite brand in the shops that opened. On the first day people had to remain empty handed. Despite the opening of shops, people had the same experience as a dry day.

Explain that the Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi has decided to open 849 liquor shops in Delhi under the new liquor policy. Earlier, 600 liquor shops/contracts in Delhi were closed on Tuesday. Let us know that after the new excise policy, the condition of the first day in the capital Delhi ..

There was a board to end liquor at many shops in Delhi

  1. Where are the shops open?
    The Excise Department did not even have the exact information about the number of liquor shops opened in the capital Delhi on Wednesday.
  2. How was it on the first day?
    Under the new excise policy, shops opened in many areas of the capital Delhi but there was no liquor or beer there. That is, the shops were open but for the people it was like a dry day.
  3. How expensive did wine become?
    People from areas like Karmpura and Subhash Nagar of Delhi told that if liquor has not arrived in many shops yet, then they cannot guess the price. However, under the new excise policy, liquor has become expensive by 9-10 per cent in the capital.
  4. How much is the preparation at the shops?
    In many areas of Delhi, there was a board in front of the shops that liquor and beer are all over. Not only this, many shops are not ready yet. That is, preparations are still going on there.
  5. How many shops were licensed, how many brands were registered?
    A government official said that 350 shops have been given provisional licenses and 206 brands have been registered. Apart from this, 10 wholesale licenses have been issued.
  6. Where are the liquor shops protesting?
    Liquor shops are opening comfortably in many areas of Delhi, but in Rohini area, RWA has opposed the opening of liquor shops. Rohini B Block RWA President Mahavir Singh Dahiya said that there are hospitals, schools and religious institutions in this area. Liquor shops should not open in such places. At the same time, a Delhi court has upheld the ban on the opening of liquor shops in the residential area of ​​Janakpuri.
  7. Why is BJP, Congress protesting?
    Opposition parties BJP and Congress have opposed the new excise policy of the Delhi government. Both the parties have protested at different places.
  8. From when will the liquor shops open
    The shops will have CCTV cameras and air conditioners (ACs). In addition, five super premium stores will also be opened, which will require at least 2,500 square feet of space. The shops will remain open from 10 am to 10 pm.
Liquor shops opened in many areas of Delhi but people had to remain empty handed.

Liquor shops opened in many areas of Delhi but people had to remain empty handed.


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