DRDO developed such advanced technology, enemy radar will not be able to catch fighter planes


New Delhi
Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed an advanced technology which is used to divert the attention of enemy Radar Guided Missiles to protect Indian Air Force fighter jets from enemy missiles. DRDO issued a statement on Thursday saying that after the successful test, the Indian Air Force has started the process of inducting this technology.

The two DRDO laboratories have developed “advanced chaff material and chaff bullets” and are as per the requirements of the Indian Air Force, the statement said. It said that a small amount of deployed chaff material, useful in deterring enemy missiles, ensures the safety of the fighters.

It said that this technology has been given to the industry for its production in sufficient quantity to meet the requirements of the Indian Air Force.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday praised DRDO, the Indian Air Force and the industry for developing this important technology and described it as another step of DRDO towards ‘Self-reliant India’, the statement said.


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