‘Get well soon Kapil Sibal…’ Congressmen protest outside the house, all-round attack by leaders, ex-ministers raised fingers on Sonia-Rahul


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Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal has found it difficult to point fingers at the party high command. After his press conference, there was a big ruckus. Sibal was surrounded all around by his own people. Delhi Congress workers demonstrated fiercely in front of his house in the capital. At the same time, all the top leaders of the party told him a lot. Even his political journey raised questions.

This whole ruckus started after the press conference of Kapil Sibal. During this, he dug up all the issues related to the problems of the Congress. When people discussed the reason for leaving the party, they targeted the Congress high command in gestures and gestures. Along with raising the issue of Congress President, talked about the turmoil in Punjab.

What did you say, Sibal?
Sibal on Wednesday questioned the party leadership over the turmoil in the party’s Punjab unit and the current situation in the Congress. Said that this situation should be discussed by convening a meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC). Taking a jibe at the Gandhi family, he said that those who were special to them left, but those whom they do not consider special, they still stand with them.

Sibal, Azad, Tiwari… G-23 leaders return to ‘form’ as soon as Sidhu is ‘out’, Gandhi family on target
Sibal said that there should not be any situation in the border state which can be exploited by Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and other elements from across the border. Said ‘I am talking privately. I am speaking on behalf of the colleagues who wrote the letter in August last year. We are waiting for our leadership to take steps related to the election of the President, the election of the CWC and the Central Election Committee.

Sibal said, ‘I am talking to you guys with a heavy heart. I belong to a party which has a historical legacy and got freedom for the country. I cannot see my party in the condition it is in today.

Sibal said that our people are leaving us. Sushmita (Dev) left and former Goa Chief Minister (Louijinho) Faleryo also left. Jitin Prasada is gone, (Jyotiraditya) Scindia is gone, Lalitesh Tripathi is gone, Abhijit Mukherjee is also gone. Many other leaders left. The question arises, why are these people leaving? We have to think to ourselves that maybe we too must have made some mistake. “We don’t have a president at this time,” he said. We may or may not know who is making the decisions.

navbharat times
What happened on 18th July when Navjot Singh Sidhu was made the President of Punjab Congress? Ashwini Kumar exposes Kapil Sibal
outdoor performance
Taking aim at the high command, as soon as Kapil Sibal had said so much, the old and new leaders of the Congress attacked him. Protests broke out in front of his house hours after Sibal reiterated the demand for comprehensive reforms taken by the G-23 leaders. Delhi Congress workers demonstrated against him. Plaques of ‘Get Well Soon Kapil Sibal’ were shown.

loved ones targeted
Chhattisgarh Health Minister TS Singhdev targeted Sibal. Sibal was accused of spreading misunderstanding. Said he was making a mistake. Decisions in the Congress are being taken by the interim president of the party, Sonia Gandhi. Termed Sibal’s statement as unfortunate. Singhdeo said that such an experienced leader does not know who and how is taking decisions in the party. Those who believe in the ideology of Congress will never leave the party.

Senior leader Ajay Maken said that Sonia Gandhi had ensured that Kapil Sibal became a minister in the Union Cabinet despite having no organizational background. Everyone in the party is being heard. Sibal and others that they should not demean the organization which gave them an identity.

Senior party leader and former Law Minister Ashwini Kumar said without naming Sibal – one should remember, how much status was there and what the Gandhi family gave. What were the tactics to be adopted to become an MP? The Gandhi family has given him more than what he had. He has no moral standing to point fingers at the high command. Remember how Navjot Singh Sidhu was made the party president of Punjab.

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