Havana Syndrome News: Illness or something else, know all about Havana Syndrome


New Delhi / Washington
An intelligence officer, who visited India this month with US intelligence agency CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) director William Burns, has complained of symptoms resembling Havana syndrome. This information was given in the report of American media. This is when Burns’ visit was very secret. He had in-depth talks with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval on the Afghanistan crisis. In this, the situation was discussed after the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan.

US government worried after the incident
Havana syndrome is a mysterious disease that has struck American diplomats, spies and other government personnel at home and abroad. CNN quoted three unnamed sources as saying the officer had to seek medical help. The name of the officer has not been disclosed. A source said the incident has alarmed the US government and Burns is furious. Two other sources were quoted as saying that some CIA officials believe the incident sent a direct message to Burns that none of those working for the country’s top intelligence agency are safe.

What is Havana Syndrome? A secret weapon or unknown disease, know why the puzzle is still for America
CIA officer targeted
The New York Times reported that the incident is still under investigation and officials are yet to ascertain whether the CIA officer was targeted because he was traveling with Director Burns or for some other reason. was targeted. A CIA spokeswoman declined to confirm the incident in India, but said the US government and agency were taking each incident seriously.

navbharat times
The world’s ‘most mysterious’ attack on CIA in India, America’s helpless superpower, doctors upset
Efforts to trace the origin of events intensified
“Director Burns has made it a top priority to make sure officers are given the necessary care and we need to get to the bottom of it,” NBC News quoted a spokesperson as saying. “We have intensified efforts to trace the origins of the incidents, including mobilizing a team of our best experts,” he said. Efforts are being made to resolve this issue with the same expertise and depth as during our efforts to find (Osama) bin Laden. CNN reported that the incident would have dramatic implications in India. US officials are deeply concerned about how the perpetrators came to know about the trip and how they were able to plan the attack.

  1. What is Havana Syndrome?
    Havana syndrome is a neurological disease. In this, the patient hears strange sounds such as the sound of metal rubbing, the buzzing of a fly, the sound of piercing on a hard surface. Many people suffering from this complain of dizziness, feeling tired, nausea and severe headache. Some people describe it as being hit by an invisible wave of explosion.
  2. How dangerous is this disease?
    Some of the people affected by this are no longer able to work. There has also been permanent damage to the brain of some of the victims.
  3. Why is it a problem for America?
    Havana syndrome was first publicly detected in 2017, when US diplomats and other government personnel stationed in Cuba began hearing strange sounds. He felt a strange sensation in his body. Similar complaints were made by US government personnel in China and Washington DC as well. At least two US diplomats were evacuated after the Havana syndrome incidents in Hanoi, Vietnam, late last month ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit.
  4. Is this a weapon?
    Many US officials suspect that Havana Syndrome is actually the result of a surveillance operation or attack by Russian spies. However there is not enough evidence to prove this. The National Academy of Sciences said in a report last year that microwave energy was the likely cause, but the scientific community is debating this conclusion. One opinion also says that it may be due to psychological pressure. Although more than two hundred government employees and their families have been affected by it in the US, in such a situation it seems insufficient to call it mere psychological pressure.


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