India-China standoff: China’s war resumed, know what is happening on LAC from Leh-Ladakh to Arunachal


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Army Chief General MM Naravane is going on a two-day visit to the Ladakh sector amid the ongoing tension along the LAC with China. During this he will review the security situation and operational preparedness. This visit of the Army Chief is taking place at a time when China is again raging on the Line of Actual Control. If we look at the antics of China for some time, then its nefarious designs are clearly known. His actions show that he is in no mood to de-escalate the tension in eastern Ladakh and withdraw the troops.

China’s provocative actions
Rapid construction along the LAC including Eastern Ladakh, Modular container shelters for troops, deployment of modern weapons, upgradation of airbases, damage to the bridge by entering Indian territory in Uttarakhand, blaming India for the current standoff in Eastern Ladakh.. These are some of the actions of China that raise doubts about its intentions. The nature of China has been deceit. Are these actions of his not a sign of some big conspiracy? Looking at his antics and preparations, it seems as if he is preparing for war. Let us know what is the situation on LAC from Leh, Ladakh to Uttarakhand and Sikkim.

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On the contrary, India was told responsible for the tension
The saying ‘Ulta Chor Kotwal Ko Dante’ fits perfectly on China. Recently, it has directly blamed India for the 16-17 month old standoff. It alleged that the “root cause” of the tension was India’s “go ahead policy” and “illegal” encroachment on Chinese territory. India has reacted strongly to this. On China’s allegations, Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said on Thursday that the reason for the tension was the “provocative” actions of the Chinese military and its “unilateral” attempt to change the status quo on the LAC. India said that China has deployed a large number of troops in eastern Ladakh, which is a provocative act. He said that India has also had to deploy troops in response to these antics of China.

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Infiltration and sabotage of Chinese soldiers in Uttarakhand
A month ago on August 30, more than 100 Chinese soldiers had entered the Barahoti area of ​​Uttarakhand. They stayed for about 3 hours. He did not come face to face with the Indian soldiers as the Chinese army had returned before his arrival. However, before leaving, Chinese troops destroyed some infrastructure and also damaged a bridge. This action of China is not only a serious provocation but also a reminder of its deception. Actually, China’s infiltration in Barahoti area is not a thing. In 1954, he first infiltrated this area and later tried to capture other areas. The situation got so bad that in 1962 a war broke out between the two countries.

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Modular container being built for soldiers in forward areas of Ladakh
Since the beginning of tension in eastern Ladakh, China has been rapidly increasing infrastructure on the LAC and strengthening its military position. Recently it has built a modular container based shelter for its soldiers in Eastern Ladakh. China has manufactured these modular containers at at least 8 more forward locations across the LAC in the Eastern Ladakh sector. These modular containers have been built from Wahab Zilga near the Karakoram Pass in the north to Piyu, Hot Springs, Chang La, Tashigong, Manza and Churup. These are recent constructions which are in addition to tents and temporary construction after the standoff started in April-May last year.

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Heavy military deployment from both sides
Heavy military deployment has been done by both the countries in the Ladakh sector. About 50-60 thousand soldiers are deployed from the Chinese side. They should not be able to do any kind of daring and even if they try to do so, then India has deployed almost the same number of soldiers for this. China has deployed all weapons including tanks. India has also deployed M-777 howitzer guns. They can destroy enemy targets up to 30 km. Apart from this, indigenous 105 MM cannons are also deployed.

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China has upgraded the airbase adjacent to LAC, many new helipads too
China has built many new airstrips and helipads adjacent to the 3488 km long LAC from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. Apart from this, it has upgraded its airbases like Hotan, Kashgar, Gargunsa, Lhasa-Gongar and Shigetse. Additional fighter jets have been deployed there. Apart from this, it has also deployed 2 missile defense systems S-400. Incidentally, India is also going to get 5 S-400 squadrons from Russia by the end of this year.


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