Inspiring stories: Pile of corpses in front, screaming in ears for 24 hours… Doctors suffered depression during the Corona period but did not give up, defeated stress like this


A doctor killed his wife and two children in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The doctor said that he too is leaving this world and he is missing. The doctor wrote in his ten-page suicide note that he does not want to count any more dead bodies. Omicron will kill everyone. In the things written in his note, he told that he is in depression. It is not just about Dr. Sudhir Kumar of Kanpur, all the doctors suffered from depression during the Corona period, but they did not give up like Dr. Sudhir, nor did they take such a dangerous step. He held himself up and stood firm. Some even got themselves treated and they do not consider it a shame that they had to see a psychiatrist.

Dr. D Himanshu of King Jaws Medical University was in charge of the Corona Ward. He told that from the trauma center to the ward, patients, dead bodies and relatives used to hear screams everywhere. He told that we had mental stress along with physical stress. Without taking breaks, without eating and drinking, they were just doing their duty by staying away from their loved ones. During the long treatment of many patients, he fell in love with him and left. Many patients started recovering and died before discharge.

‘Consulted the doctor himself with treatment’
Dr. D Himanshu said, ‘Corona swallowed many of our fellow doctors, juniors and seniors. Our loved ones died but we did not even get the time to cry. Even after working day and night, when they could not save the patients, they used to get frustrated. I myself fell into depression but I contacted a psychiatrist. I myself do not feel ashamed to tell that I got my treatment done. Many people feel ashamed of going to a psychiatrist but they should not think so. If anyone feels even a little stress, he should consult a psychologist.

‘I was in depression’
Dr. Neeraj Mishra of Lucknow who himself got infected with Sever Covid. Corona happened twice in six months. Stayed in ICU during this time. Brother, father and mother were also in ICU. Brother and father died. Mother’s condition was also critical. Dr. Neeraj himself remained in the ICU unconscious for 10 days. His lungs were badly infected. Ten days later, the death of the father and brother who came out of the ICU, the mother swinging between life and death was being eaten. He got into depression.

‘I just thought I should commit suicide, everything will be fine’
Dr. Neeraj said, ‘I have been a science student. I saw hundreds of dead bodies in this profession, but during my illness, I found that mental and emotional support is needed in the treatment of corona. I myself used to stay awake all night. Thoughts of committing suicide used to come to mind. For five minutes it seems that everyone should leave… these negative thoughts would come. I was tensed but then I would think positive things. Started listening to Mahamrityunjaya Jaap, Hanuman Chalisa etc. Told myself that life is precious. God has given me this body, I have become a doctor, so I will serve people as long as I am alive. If you have to die then why die by committing suicide like this? I can serve the country by treating patients and then in this way I removed my depression.

‘The corpses before their eyes and the sound of weeping in their ears’
Principal of Kanpur Medical College, Dr. Sanjay Kala said, ‘I was the principal of SN Medical College, Agra when the corona period was at its peak. People had only two options, home or hospital. The doctor could not even go home. He was alone away from his family. Only patients, dead bodies and weeping relatives were seen in front of their eyes. The sounds of ambulances and cries of people came in the ears. Sometimes we used to get frustrated and disappointed. It was good to see serious patients who were recovering. There was just a resolution in my mind that we have to save as many people as possible.

‘The patient seemed to die in front of his eyes just…’
Dr. Sanjay Kala said, ‘After doing everything, after giving the world’s best treatment, when the patient would have died, it seemed… that’s it. Day and night, hungry and thirsty, doctors and the entire medical staff were engaged in dealing with this epidemic. It was a very sad period. My brother died but I could not do anything. The situation was like the Second World War. Friends were getting sick. I myself got sick twice. I had one thing in my mind that if something happens to me, my wife is capable enough to take care of the family. The family is capable but there are many people who have no one in their family, their wives are not educated. Only if their life is saved, the family will be saved. We used to talk amongst ourselves. We gave a slogan, ‘No loser, will not be tired.’ Just keep in mind that God has given you a chance to do better. We don’t have to give up. Instead of thinking of those who could not save them, thought about those who went home after recovering.

‘I think hard work is in vain’
Dr. SP Ambesh of SGPGI said, ‘If anyone happens, then there is a feeling for him. His people were getting sick. There were reports of the death of loved ones. Patients were dying. The entire medical staff was under stress. There was a lot of mental and physical stress but we did not let it get over us. In such a situation, it is necessary to get psychological and family support. The world will be destroyed… God is angry… Everything will end.. People who think like this get into more depression. They think that after their death there will be a problem in the house, so kill everyone. In this case, they should consult a psychologist. Many times I also came to my mind that what would happen? Is the hard work going in vain? We are not able to save people but we used to talk amongst ourselves. Used to talk on video call. Sharing their thoughts with each other and counseling each other.


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