Interview: ‘There is no question of alliance with the Akali Dal sinking our eyes in Punjab’


Punjab is one of the five states where elections are to be held in the early months of next year. This is the reason why now the political atmosphere of Punjab is also getting hot. The biggest challenge is for the BJP. She used to stay with the Akali Dal till now. He has to prove his strength in this election without the Akali Dal. At present, the party has not been able to decide whose face it will contest. National political editor of NBT to know what the BJP is preparing to go to the election field Nadeem Spoke to the party’s national general secretary and in-charge of Punjab Dushyant Kumar Gautam From Here are the excerpts:

There is not much time left for elections in Punjab, what future are you seeing for the party there?
The people of Punjab have tried everyone. Congress as well as the Akali Dal. Our party stands as a better option there. There we have nothing to lose, there is only scope to gain.

But in Punjab, you trust the Akali Dal. This time your oldest colleague will not be with you …
Well that won’t happen. You must have seen in the last election, they have drowned their eyes, they have also drowned us. The public was not at all annoyed with the BJP, but with the Akali Dal, we had to bear the loss. The people of Punjab were angry with the Akali Dal and did not want to bring the Congress as well, due to which there was a place for the Aam Aadmi Party. Just understand that we gained less from the Akali Dal, and more from the loss.

Is there any possibility that the Akali Dal and BJP join hands again to stop the Congress in the state?
There is no such possibility. We have prepared to contest elections alone. All states now want to walk with BJP and Narendra Modi. In the states where regional parties are believed to be the supremacy, BJP is also becoming the first choice of voters. BJP became the largest party in Maharashtra, if we had not left seats for Shiv Sena, then a clear majority would have been ours. We could not form a government in Bengal, but look at our seats and vote percentage. In Assam, we won again, while the opponents there left no stone unturned to surround us.

But both the Congress and the Akali Dal have faces of Chief Ministers in Punjab, while BJP has no declared face?
The election will be contested by announcing the face of the Chief Minister or will be contested without a face, the decision will be made by the Parliamentary Board after the date of the election. So I can’t say anything right now, but I can tell you that it doesn’t matter to declare or not to make a face. The voter votes for Narendra Modi ji and BJP, he does not vote on any face. Look at the example of UP. On one side there was the face of Mayawati, on the other side was Akhilesh Yadav, BJP contested the election without declaring CM and won more than 300 seats.

There is a lot of upheaval going on inside the Congress in Punjab at this time. What effect do you see on the politics there?
I consider what is going on in the Congress as a battle of partition, not an uproar. The fight there is that you got more, I did not get it. Five years did nothing. Now the election is on the head, so what is the answer to the public, it is not understood by them. That’s why each other has started tearing each other’s shirt off. We have nothing to do with that. We will go to the elections with the promise of intoxicated and prosperous Punjab.

In Assam, BJP took Himanta Biswa Sarma from Congress, took Shubhendu Adhikari from TMC in Bengal elections. Do you have an eye on some such leaders in Punjab too?
All those who have faith in BJP’s policies and leadership are welcome in BJP. We are a democratic party, there are no restrictions on it.

Navjot Singh Siddha is not finding himself comfortable in the Congress, is the party’s doors open for him or not?
It will not be the decision of one person to decide whether to take such people back to the party or not. For this, our leadership will take a decision after a collective discussion.

What effect does the peasant movement have on the Punjab elections, especially in the context of the BJP?
Narendra Modi ji’s government has taken as many decisions in favor of the farmers as possible, but none of the previous government has taken it. Regarding the farmer movement, I do not think that farmers are agitated either. There are just a few leaders who want to brighten their politics in the name of farmers.


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