Is Prasar Bharati’s content selling? The MP expressed his objection, then the CEO gave this answer


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  • Madurai MP writes letter to Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur
  • Prasar Bharati has decided to make the material available in a commercial way
  • Monetization policy was discussed in Prasar Bharati board meeting on 12th August

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From the pre-independence period till today, the News Department of All India Radio, Doordarshan and All India Radio and DD has a tremendous wealth of old and archived material. Although, from time to time, All India Radio and Doordarshan have been providing footage of these materials, but now Prasar Bharati has decided to make its material available in a commercial way.

It has decided to offer it commercially through e-auction. However, opposition to this move of the government also came to the fore. This protest has not come from anywhere else, but from an MP.

On Monday, Tamil Nadu’s Madurai MP and CPM leader S Venkatesan wrote a letter to Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur expressing his opposition to the move. The reasoning behind Venkatesan’s protest was that the move was not just about raising money to meet the short-term needs of the government to meet the fiscal deficit, but would have long-term consequences for the society.

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In his letter, Venkatesan, while referring to the recent decision taken by Prasar Bharati regarding monetization and syndication of content, targeted that it is a very bad thing that now monetization has reached such an extent that it is of historical importance. The marketing of the treasure trove of collectibles has begun.

what kind of objection
In his letter, he mentioned that it has been learned that Prasar Bharati has recently decided to monetize material related to several important historical events, including material related to the Constituent Assembly. He said that monetization of material related to historical importance can not only have a bad effect on the politics of this country, but it can also affect the ego and brotherhood of the country.

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Venkatesan said that there are already attempts to tamper and rewrite history for political gains. An attempt should always be made to present history by keeping it away from contemporary prejudices and indirect benefits. There are many such incidents and occasions in the past which, if used without context, can incite divisive sentiments in the country. In such a situation, opening the way for the corporate media to have access to historical material cannot be considered a prudent step anywhere. The MP has appealed to Prasar Bharati not to monetize the material of historical importance.

Prasar Bharati CEO replied
However, after the MP’s letter came to the fore, Prasar Bharati CEO Shashi Shekhar Vempati clarified on social media that it seems that the honorable MP has received wrong information. The recent policy of Prasar Bharati has been misunderstood.

Monetization and syndication policy was discussed in the Prasar Bharati Board meeting on 12 August 2021, on the basis of which, recently on 8 October, Indian and international channels through e-auction of the content of All India Radio, Doordarshan and News Department on behalf of Prasar Bharati. It was decided to make the content available to film makers, OTT platforms. In this era of OTT, many channels and platforms and companies are making many such entertaining and informative programs these days, in which this treasure of Prasar Bharati can be used.


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