ISI nurturing jihadi groups in Afghanistan, Imran’s efforts to keep Taliban under control


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  • In the latest report of ‘Foreign Policy’, the claim was made by quoting intelligence sources
  • ISI is funding and supporting jihadist groups in Afghanistan
  • Organizations raised by ISI have been on the radar of US intelligence since last year
  • Pakistani intelligence agency played bets to humiliate Taliban

New Delhi
The Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has come up with a new trick to keep the Taliban under control. She is building a coalition of small jihadist groups in Afghanistan. According to a report, this alliance is different from Taliban and IKSP. These new organizations follow a more radical ideology and have been created with the intention of humiliating the Taliban. The new report of ‘Foreign Policy’ states that in 2020, the Islamic Invasion Alliance (IIA) was set up by ISI in 2020 and it is funded by ISI.

This alliance has been on the radar of American intelligence for more than a year. At that time, the aim was to ensure the victory of the Taliban. But now it seems that it is being used to humiliate the Taliban.

The situation is worse than what you are telling
This week there was a meeting between the National Security Advisors in Delhi. In it it emerged that the fighting between small groups within the Taliban is going to erupt more in the coming days. Most of the discussions took place behind closed doors, but some consensus on the current situation in Afghanistan has become necessary. The situation on the spot is said to be more serious than the reports coming out in public.

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The storm is coming within the Taliban
Russia, Iran and other countries, who participated in the conference in Delhi, termed the last 20 years as a ‘failure’. Many countries are negotiating with the Taliban, but they do not trust them. “It was agreed that the Taliban would first have to gain legitimacy at the domestic level, followed by external recognition,” said an official attending the meeting. It will happen peacefully, it is difficult.

A power struggle is likely between the Mullah Baradar-led Doha Group and the Haqqani Network. Of these, Mulla Baradar is considered close to America and Haqqani to Pakistan.

navbharat times
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Why is there tension?
The most prominent among the concerns expressed by the NSAs was the number of refugees coming from Afghanistan. This can spread the ideology of the Taliban to the countries that will give them shelter. Apart from this, the number of weapons that America has left behind is also increasing rapidly which is a separate headache.


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