Kanpur Zika Virus: Speed ​​of Zika maintained in Kanpur… 79 patients found so far, 43 cases in just 3 days


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  • Zika virus continues to wreak havoc in Kanpur
  • 43 new cases of Zika found between Thursday and Saturday
  • DM said that so far a total of 79 cases have been reported.
  • Zika patients are being monitored from the control room

In Kanpur, UP, people infected with the rare Zika virus spread through mosquitoes continue to be found. Between Thursday and Saturday, 43 new cases of infection have come in the city. DM Visakh G Iyer said that a total of 79 cases have been reported so far.

To monitor the health of people infected with the infection, Zika patients are being monitored from the control room used during the Covid era. Information about his health is being taken on the phone in the morning and evening. After the first case of Zika virus was found in Kanpur in October, the cases of infection are not taking the name of stopping. All the cases have come to the fore within a range of 3-4 km from the Air Force station.

Kanpur News: Alert on getting Zika virus patients in Kanpur, those coming from outside states will be screened
Maximum 30 new patients were found on Thursday

After 25 cases on Wednesday, 30 new cases were found on Thursday and 13 new cases on Saturday. Nearly half of the Zika positive cases found so far are women. 70 teams are going door-to-door within a radius of three kilometers to eliminate the sources of mosquitoes, besides taking samples of people with fever-like symptoms. So far no problem has been found in any pregnant baby. More than 3100 samples have been taken.

First case of Zika virus found in Kannauj

On the other hand, the first case of Zika virus has also been found in Kannauj. Zika virus has been confirmed in a 45-year-old man. This person stayed in Kasamau village located in Shivrajpur, Kanpur. On November 3, 30 samples were sent for testing, in which the virus was found in one. CMO Dr Vinod Kumar has also confirmed this.



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