Knowing criminal history, people used to get caught in the trap of Sukesh Chandrashekhar, this vicious thug was expert in 30 minutes of ‘Mohapash Vidya’


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  • Sukesh Chandrashekhar also known as Balaji
  • This great thug is a master in the art of speaking, used to fascinate anyone.
  • Sukesh Chandrashekhar had made 100 people his victim in the year 2007.

New Delhi
Sukesh Chandrashekhar, (sukesh chandrashekhar kaun hai j) Most popular name in last few days. At the age of just 17, this person who worked as a swindler became the owner of property worth crores. He started his dark adventures from Bangalore and reached Chennai in no time. Sukesh duped many rich people in big cities. Chandrashekhar is also known as Balaji. Along with Sukesh, the name of actress Jacqueline Fernandez (Jacqueline Fernandez News) is also coming out. Naam to name then her pictures while kissing Jacqueline (Jacqueline Fernandez Photos) went viral and people were left stunned.

How did this great man get trapped?
The question arises here that how did Jacqueline Fernandes get caught in his hoax. Jacqueline was fascinated to see the glittering world of Sukesh or else this great thug did the same thing to him which he had done to many people earlier. Sukesh himself is sometimes a politician, sometimes a bureaucrat and sometimes something else. This person was adept at duping people by playing all kinds of roles. His victims are also not any common man but only millionaires. This thug also cheated the politicians a lot. He had cheated Tamil Nadu’s big leader TTV Dinakaran of 50 crores by claiming himself to be close to the Election Commission.

ED notice
A day after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) stopped actress Jacqueline Fernandez from boarding a foreign-bound flight at the Mumbai airport, the agency on Monday issued fresh summons to Jacqueline and summoned her for questioning on December 8. Jacqueline will be questioned in connection with the investigation of the ongoing money laundering case against alleged thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar and others.

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Jacqueline Fernandez implicated
No concrete reason for Jacqueline Fernandes to be caught in his hoax has not come to the fore yet, but everyone used to be blown away by the act of this thug. There was such an art inside it that was going to fascinate anyone. In the year 2007, he had made 100 people his victim. Thereafter he was arrested. This was the first arrest of Sukesh Chandrashekhar. People close to him tell that he was a man of gullible nature. And Bollywood was always its target. In this connection, he met model Lena Maria. Leena also started giving her full support in her cheating work. Then what was Bunty-Babli’s pair formed and started cheating people.

navbharat times
Jacqueline Fernandez detained at Mumbai airport, look out circular issued in money laundering case
crime king sukesh chandrashekhar
By the year 2015, he became the king of crime. It and its crime partner wife made 500 people victims of fraud. After this, in 2017 the Crime Branch Department of Delhi Police registered a case against Sukesh. This case was registered on the complaint of Tamil Nadu’s top leader TTV Dinakaran. While filing the complaint, Dinakaran said that Sukesh had cheated him of Rs 50 crore. According to the complaint, Dhinakaran wanted to get the symbol of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s time. Sukesh is accused of promising to get Dinakaran a two-leaf symbol by claiming to be his identity in the Election Commission. Said that just for this a bribe of Rs 50 crore would have to be paid. Sukesh was once again arrested after Dinakaran’s complaint.

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How did Mohapash run?
But the question was here that how did people with such a high position get caught in the trap of this thug. The person who met Sukesh told a media house that if a person meets Sukesh only for the first time. That too only for 30 minutes, then that person will start obeying Sukesh. Sukesh talks in a very effective manner and leaves a deep impact on people. Such people are called Mahathagas. Those who impress so much with their words that even if they do not want to, they will start trusting them.

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one day evil ends
You must have traveled many times in the train. There, many sellers of gram, murmura type come. All of these have a different method. You must have noticed that many times such sellers come who even without wanting you buy their thing. The reason for this is their talking style. This thug was also like that. Wherever it saw the society, it used to make itself. The leader himself with the leaders, the actor himself in front of the actor and was expert in every role. Think it took Bollywood actress Jacqueline after she was released on bail from jail. At present, evil has to end one day or the other, so this great thug is now in the clutches of law, but along with it, Jacqueline is also in the clutches of law.


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