Lakhimpur Kheri Violence: The allegations of the brother of the journalist killed in the Kheri violence – the media is pressurizing the farmers to blame


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  • The family members of the journalist allege that they are being pressured to make statements against the farmers.
  • Journalist’s family has accused Ashish Mishra and his associates of killing the journalist
  • On Wednesday, a video was going viral in which the journalist’s brother Pawan was accusing the media.

Lakhimpur Kheri
The family members of journalist Raman Kashyap, who was killed in the Lakhimpur Kheri violence, allege that they are being pressured to make statements against the farmers. Raman’s family has been accusing Union Minister Ajay Mishra Teni’s son Ashish and his associates of murdering the journalist since the beginning. Raman’s brother said that some people are asking him to blame the farmers.

Raman’s brother Pawan said, ‘My father and I gave the same statement to everyone that he (Raman) was crushed and shot by a vehicle in the Union minister’s convoy. But many journalists are now trying to get us to say that he was lynched by farmers which has not actually happened.

Raman’s family did not get postmortem report
BKU spokesperson Rakesh Tikait had said that Raman Kashyap will be counted as a farmer martyr. To this Pawan said, ‘My brother was a journalist but we are a farmer family. What Tikait said is correct. Pawan further said, ‘I have not received the postmortem report yet. I was told that the process is on to attach our complaint with another FIR which has already been registered. Our complaint is also being added to the FIR of the farmers.

Pawan accused the media in the video
On Wednesday, a video was going viral in which Pawan was accusing the media. Pawan was saying in the video, ‘They are trying to put words in our mouth that he was thrashed by farmers. We said it is a lie but politics is not ending over it.

‘I have seen the injury to Raman’s body’
Pawan said, ‘A journalist came and started saying that in the autopsy report, it has been said that Raman died of injury due to beating with sticks. I got into an argument with him. He threatened me and said that if I had not been the brother of the journalist, I would not have spoken so politely. Atopsy report has not come yet and those people are making up stories. Pawan said, ‘I was in the mortuary at that time. I saw the injury. He was not hit with sticks.

Raman Kashyap


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