Namaz was not read in Gurugram Gurudwara, Hindu organization distributed books


Prayers were not offered at Gurdwara Singh Sabha here in Haryana’s Gurugram on Friday and some members of the Sikh community protested the decision of the shrine management committee to allow Muslims to offer prayers there. These people said that if the Gurdwara Management Committee takes forward the decision to offer Namaz in the Gurdwara premises, they will oppose it.

At the same time, the members of the Samyukta Hindu Sangharsh Samiti reached the Gurudwara around 12 noon and distributed books called ‘Guru Tegh Bahadur-Hind Ki Chadar’ to the people. These people stayed there till two o’clock in the afternoon.

The representatives of the Muslim community decided not to offer prayers at the gurdwara to “avoid any untoward incident on the festival”.

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Management committee spokesperson Daya Singh said, “We had offered an open space in the basement of a nearby school and gurdwara for Friday prayers, but the Muslim brothers decided not to offer prayers. Didn’t want controversy.”

A delegation including Jamiat Ulema Hind, Gurugram President Mufti Mohammad Salim and Gurugram Muslim Council co-founder Altaf Ahmed met members of the committee on Friday afternoon to thank them for their efforts in promoting peace and harmony.

The Gurugram administration had earlier revoked permission to offer Friday prayers in eight of the city’s 37 public grounds, citing objections from local residents.

Kulbhushan Bhardwaj, legal advisor of the Samyukta Hindu Sangharsh Samiti, said he distributed 2,500 books titled ‘Guru Tegh Bahadur-Hind Ki Chadar’ and paid tribute to Guru Nanak Dev.

He said, “We did not go there to protest against the decision of the Gurdwara Management Committee to offer our premises for namaz. We are not against anyone offering namaz inside the premises, irrespective of community. We are against the practice of offering Namaz in public places.”

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Bhardwaj said, “If someone is giving open space to Muslims in their garage, house or place of worship for Namaz, then it is their own choice. We have no objection to it.”

However, not everyone in the Sikh community has the same opinion on the decision to offer the Gurdwara premises for prayers.

Jawahar Singh, a local resident, said, “They cannot offer namaz in the gurdwara. Sri Guru Granth Sahibji does not allow it. The Prabandhak (Management) committee allowed them to offer namaz, but we are not in favor of it.”

Gurcharan Singh said, “People of all religions are welcome but only Gurbani can take place in the Gurdwara and nothing else. The property of the Gurdwara cannot be used for any purpose which is the ‘Maryada’ of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. be against.”

Jawahar Singh claimed that the management committee has told the Sikh Sangat that it will review the decision after the festival ends on November 21.

The Friday prayers at the Leisure Valley ground in Sector 29 took place without any disruption.



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