Pure politics: Did Nitish Kumar get the split in LJP done?


What will Chirag do?
There is talk of isolation in the developments that took place after the partition. It is also being said in political circles that this partition was done because his relationship with Chirag was never smooth. Even in the lifetime of Ram Vilas Paswan, Nitish never paid attention to Chirag, even after assuming the post of party president. Naturally, Chirag’s resentment towards Nitish continued to grow in his mind as well. After the attitude of Chirag towards Nitish Kumar in the assembly elections, it was decided that the coming days could be difficult for Chirag. The results of the assembly elections weakened Chirag further and the subsequent developments need not be told. Now RJD is trying to take Chirag with them, but there is still a lot of time in the assembly elections. In such a situation, Chirag is not showing any interest in the state level alliance, he is trying to maintain his relevance in central politics. He is trying to make his comeback in NDA. It is discussed that he has sent a message to BJP that even though he may have a tussle with JDU in the state, but there is no difference with BJP. Through this, he also wants to return to the Union Cabinet in place of his father. If he returns to NDA, then it will not be a surprise because there is talk of not giving much attention to the likes and dislikes of Nitish Kumar within the BJP.

Why did the fight start?

There are still two years left for the assembly elections in Karnataka. There is a tussle going on within the BJP for a long time to change the Chief Minister, the interesting thing is that the fight has started in the Congress also on the demand of deciding the face of the CM for the next election. Siddaramaiah, who was the CM, wants the high command to stamp his name. The party contested the 2018 elections on his face, he was also the Chief Minister of the state at that time, but his name is being opposed by the DK Shivakumar faction. Shivakumar is presently the President of Karnataka State Unit. His people are arguing that there is a tradition of contesting elections under the leadership of the state president. In this context, Shivakumar should be made the chief ministerial candidate. On the other hand, there is a former state Congress president – Ji Parameshwara. Being the Dalit face of the party, he has staked his claim for the post of CM. Apart from these three big names, there are three other names who want to join the race for the post of CM. But the question is, when there are two years left for the election, why did the fight start now. On this question, this comment of a state Congress leader was very interesting, ‘Actually we are heard late, so this fight has started from now so that a decision can be taken by the time the elections come.’

four pomegranates, 12 sick

There is an old saying – one pomegranate, a hundred sick. From the political point of view of Madhya Pradesh, it can be changed to say – four pomegranates, 12 sick. The reason is that at present four ministerial posts are vacant in the state, but they are not being filled because its contenders are a dozen MLAs. Shivraj Chauhan is unable to expand his cabinet even after wanting it. Even if it was only about BJP, he could have taken the risk of cabinet expansion as resentment would have been a matter inside the house. The high command would have directly dealt with the displeasure shown, but the Jyotiraditya Scindia factor remains very important in the politics of Madhya Pradesh BJP. The party and the government in the state do not want to take any such decision, which increases the risk of Scindia’s displeasure. Scindia is technically a part of BJP, he has got ‘veto power’ too. At the same time, he also acts as a shield for the Chief Minister in the mobilization within the party against Shivraj Chauhan. In such a situation, Chauhan also gives extra attention to Scindia. The four posts that are vacant in the cabinet are being watched by the original BJP MLAs, as well as the pro-Scindia MLAs are also making their claim. Chouhan is finding it difficult to decide how to choose four out of a dozen contenders. Because of this, he is postponing as much as he is able to, but seeing the empty ministerial post, where will the MLAs be relieved. The pressure on his CM is increasing. It remains to be seen how Chouhan comes out of this pressure and who are the four people who can be given the post of minister.

Comforted by Vincent’s return

There is talk of the return of what is said to be the most powerful court of Congress in Delhi. Vincent was once considered very close to the Gandhi family, but after his name in the submarine scam, the Gandhi family distanced him from him. However, he was seen mediating during the Punjab crisis in the past. The pause that is currently visible in the ongoing ‘war’ between Captain and Sidhu, is believed to be the result of George’s efforts. Along with Punjab, he has been entrusted with the task of reconciliation between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan as despite all efforts, there is no scope for reconciliation between Gehlot and Pilot. Till now all the people who have been given this responsibility, they have got failure. How successful George is in this task, only time will tell. But the one who would be feeling the most comfort from his return to the Delhi court could be Kamal Nath. In fact, the demand for a senior and a trusted person of the Gandhi family had increased in the Delhi court. For this, Kamal Nath was considered the most suitable, but he was not ready to leave Madhya Pradesh at any cost. They feel that leaving Madhya Pradesh would mean giving up the claim for the chief minister’s post. Even after Scindia’s move to BJP, Kamal Nath does not see difficulties for himself in Madhya Pradesh. He also has to establish his son in the politics of the state.


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