Pure politics: Will Sidhu become a ‘hit wicket’ in Punjab, why did Abu Azmi leave Maharashtra and reach UP?


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In the meeting of the National Council of JDU, a resolution was passed that ‘we do not have any claim for the post of Prime Minister, while the danger of Navjot Singh Sidhu being a ‘hit wicket’ in Punjab’s politics has increased. Is Prashant Kishor behind Sushmita Dev leaving Congress and joining TMC? Why has Maharashtra MLA and Samajwadi Party state unit president Abu Asim Azmi camped in UP these days? Today in this issue of Pure Politics talk about this….

Ability, not claim

In the meeting of the National Council of JDU, a resolution was passed that ‘We have no claim for the post of Prime Minister. Narendra Modi is the name of the Prime Minister for the post of Prime Minister in the National Democratic Alliance, but Nitish Kumar has all the qualities to become the Prime Minister in terms of his experience and dedication to work. Why suddenly there was a need to give such clarification, the question is natural to arise. It is being said that due to the unity shown between Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav on the issue of caste census in the past, it was believed that the distance between the two parties has reduced. The statement of the state president of RJD also came that ‘Nitish Kumar had taken time to meet the Prime Minister at the behest of Tejashwi and met the Prime Minister along with the leaders of all the parties of Bihar. If Nitish Kumar accepts Tejashwi Yadav’s leadership in the state, the doors are open for him in the grand alliance. Since then, speculation started that Nitish Kumar might agree to make Tejashwi Yadav the CM in the state and instead the opposition could make him the face of the Prime Minister against Modi. The state BJP was not liking this unity of Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav. Nitish Kumar felt that if there was a lot of rift with the BJP in pressure politics, then he could be at a loss. In view of this, JDU had to say that its PM will remain Narendra Modi.

Don’t be a ‘hit wicket’

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The danger of Navjot Singh Sidhu being a ‘hit wicket’ has increased in Punjab’s politics. The party leadership is not happy with Sidhu with the developments within the party in the state after he became the president. Just a month and a half ago, when he was made the state Congress president, ignoring the objections of Captain Amarinder Singh, the message was clear that the Congress leadership has given him priority over Captain and the party would like to move forward under his leadership in future. After becoming the president, Sidhu was in the mood to ‘self-goal’. The statements of his advisors brought the entire party into defensive mode, but the MLA-Ministers episode against the Captain did a lot of damage to Sidhu’s image. It seems to be established in Delhi that after becoming the President, his priority is not to bring the party back to power there. He is putting all his power against the Captain. This is the reason why the central leadership did not consider it necessary to give due attention to this alleged rebellion. Sensing the stand of the central leadership, the rebel MLAs also loosened their stance. Now he is more concerned about saving his ticket than removing the captain. He is showing his loyalty to the central leadership. State in-charge Harish Rawat’s statement has also come that Sidhu has been given the post of state president, it does not mean that the entire Congress has been handed over to him. It has also been made clear that the election will be fought under the leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh. There is no such thing as changing face. Manish Tewari also tweeted, ‘Even if we sigh, we become infamous, even if they kill, there is no discussion.’ This is also being considered against Sidhu.

PK behind the scenes

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Recently, Mahila Congress President Sushmita Dev decided to leave Congress and join TMC. Such reports also came through the media that TMC might make him the face of the party in Tripura. Well these things are out of date now. The latest debate is about how the way for Sushmita Dev to reach TMC was paved. According to the things that are coming out now, Prashant Kishor may have declared himself retired from the election management profession after the Bengal elections, but he still remains a helper to Mamta Banerjee from behind the scenes. Especially with a view to expanding the TMC and building its national image. It is being said that Sushmita Dev has entered TMC through her. These days, Mamta Banerjee is also being talked about with some other influential leaders in many other states of the North East, Prashant Kishor is also being told her instructor. Akhil Gogoi, who was the face of the anti-CAA movement in Assam and won the election from jail, also met Mamata Banerjee recently. His statement also came that ‘the alliance of regional parties under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee is to oust the BJP from power at the Center in 2024’. Since then the discussion has intensified that he too can join TMC and become the face of the party in Assam. Prashant Kishor is also making some parties of Hindi speaking states and their leaders talk about Mamta.

Reason for coming to UP

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Maharashtra MLA and Samajwadi Party’s state unit president Abu Asim Azmi has camped in UP these days. Meeting the workers, touring in different districts. Although he hails from UP, but for a long time he has made Mumbai his workplace. His identity is now that of a mumbai in UP. There is a lot of discussion these days about what is the reason behind her being so active in UP politics. It is being said that till now Azam Khan used to be the Muslim face of the Samajwadi Party. He has been in jail since the Yogi government came, now only six months are left for the UP elections. Muslims are also angry with the Samajwadi Party for not making Azam’s arrest a political issue. He left them on their own terms. In such a situation, the socialist leadership had to look for a Muslim face who could fill the shortage of Azam in the state, as well as help in ending the resentment that has arisen among the Muslims. In such a situation, Abu Asim has been called from Maharashtra and asked to camp till the elections in UP. Now the thing to be seen is whether Abu Asim will be able to replace Azam in UP? This time the challenge for the Samajwadi Party in the state regarding Muslim votes has also increased because Owaisi’s party is going to contest elections there. He has promised to contest on at least 100 seats. She also intends to forge an alliance with Omprakash Rajbhar’s party. On the other hand, Muslim leaders of the Samajwadi Party’s UP unit are seen questioning why they were not trusted.


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