Rakesh Tikait himself will not contest the UP Assembly elections! parties putting strings on the family


Rakesh Tikait has contested elections twice. Once to the Legislative Assembly and the second time to the Lok Sabha. Both times he had to face defeat. However, by that time he had not become a national face. The peasant movement has given him a national identity. Now that he is facing allegations that his movement is politically motivated, which is backed by opposition parties, he is unlikely to contest the UP assembly elections in view of the need to dismiss the allegation. People close to him are also telling that Rakesh Tikait will not contest the assembly elections. But such news is being heard from West UP that his brother may come to the election field.

If someone fights with the family, Tikait will be supported!

Several political parties are in touch with Tikait’s family members so that they can be persuaded for the ticket. Political parties are seeing their advantage in doing so. Rakesh Tikait will not appeal to any particular party to win, but if someone from his family is contesting from any party, then naturally that party will be considered as the support of Rakesh Tikait.

Tikait had contested the 2007 assembly elections as an independent, but was given ticket by the Rashtriya Lok Dal in 2014. In 2014, even giving ticket to Rakesh Tikait in front of Modi wave did not benefit the Rashtriya Lok Dal. Chaudhary Ajit Singh and Jayant Choudhary both lost the election at that time. In the new scenario, how much profit and loss can Rakesh Tikait become for the political parties, it will be a matter to be seen.

politics that don’t

navbharat times

Recently, a political function was organized in Lucknow. The occasion was the release of a book focused on the senior leader of Samajwadi Party Ram Gopal Yadav on the occasion of his completion of 75 years. This is such a book, in which articles from the Prime Minister to all the big leaders of the opposition have written articles on Ram Gopal Yadav. All the senior leaders of the opposition gathered in the ceremony. From Pramod Tiwari of Congress to Manoj Jha of RJD got a place on the stage. However, these days, a senior leader of the party which seems to be making the most of the Samajwadi Party, was not given a place on the stage despite being present in the auditorium.

Why did this happen? Was it the fault of those conducting the ceremony? No. It happened that a guest was invited to this function who had agreed to come on the condition that he would not accept any leader who may be seated with him on the stage. The guest had told the organizers that he would not attend the ceremony if the leader was made to sit with him on the stage. I don’t know what was the compulsion to call that guest that the leaders of the Samajwadi Party accepted their condition.

The leaders of ‘such’ kept watching their counterparts sitting on the stage in the auditorium, but in politics many times such bitter sips have to be taken. Assembly elections are to be held in Uttar Pradesh soon. To sit on the stage, he considered it unnecessary to spoil his relationship with the Samajwadi Party. Perhaps this was also the need of the hour.

Sidhu’s new move

navbharat times

In Punjab, Congress has started seeing a new crisis through Navjot Singh Sidhu. After losing the Chief Minister’s post, the only way left for Sidhu to get close to this post is to get more and more of his people tickets in the upcoming elections. At the same time, his people should also come with maximum victories so that in the event of the party getting a majority, his claim on the chief minister’s post remains strong. Under this strategy, he has made a list of his supporters, whom he wants to get the ticket of the assembly.

On the other hand, the high command is realizing its mistake only by making Sidhu the state president. He does not want to make Sidhu supporters more powerful by giving them more tickets. He has realized that Sidhu is not trustworthy, he can go to any extent at any time. Because of this, he is taking steps on a whirlwind. On the other hand, Sidhu also remained stubborn. Such news has started reaching Delhi through people close to him that Sidhu will definitely get his people to contest elections, whether he gets ticket from Congress or not.

If Congress does not get ticket then their people can contest as independent for the ‘good’ of Punjab. Since this news has reached the Congress high command, it is natural for him to be restless because if such a situation arises, then the loss of Congress is bound to happen. It is already being said in the party circles that the return of the Congress in Punjab, which was seen as easy, is starting to look difficult in the circumstances that have arisen after the change of Chief Minister. If Sidhu has fielded his candidates everywhere, then it will be more difficult.

everyone has to become minister

navbharat times

Everyone wants to take advantage of the compulsion. In politics it is a bit more. These days the same is being seen in Rajasthan. CM Ashok Gehlot expanded the council of ministers to end the already ongoing discontent. Rajasthan has a Legislative Assembly of two hundred members. In this sense, there can be a maximum of 30 people including the Chief Minister in the Council of Ministers. This quota has been filled, but the desire of those who become ministers is not ending.

Congress has 108 MLAs of its own. A dozen independents are also supporting the government. They all want to become ministers. Efforts are being made to find a new way to fulfill the wish of making him a minister. Each minister can be accompanied by an advisor to that ministry, which will be given ministerial status. Apart from this, a list of all corporations and commissions is being prepared, in which nominations can be made. Overall, the CM is busy making such arrangements that all the 125 MLAs can enjoy the ministerial position in some form or the other.

As the main opposition party in Rajasthan, BJP could have made it a big issue, but the party is currently unable to recover from its internal battle. Most of the BJP leaders want to settle their own account before attacking the Congress government in the state. The issue remained about the candidature of the chief minister. Even though there are still two years left for the state assembly elections, the party leaders want to make it clear from now on whose leadership the next election will be fought.


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