Shivsena Vs Narayan Rane: Sanjay Raut said – Narayan Rane is like a Bangladeshi in BJP


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  • Narayan Rane is a threat to BJP leaders
  • Sanjay Raut said Shiv Sena-BJP relations are strong even today
  • Narayan Rane does not understand this
  • We have ideological differences but no differences

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut has targeted Union Minister Narayan Rane and said that Rane is like a Bangladeshi in BJP. The way Bangladeshis come to India and spoil the country. Similarly Narayan Rane is spoiling BJP. Raut said that the current BJP leaders should stay away from Narayan Rane.

Friendship with BJP continues
Sanjay Raut said that there can be ideological differences in politics but because of this no one maintains caste enmity with anyone. But since Narayan Rane joined BJP, he is running his own agenda and playing personal enmity.

Earlier, no party worker had attacked the workers of other party. Nor did they pelt stones at each other’s office. But for the last 2 years all this is happening. He said that whether it is West Bengal or Maharashtra or any other state where there is a BJP government. This is the first such upheaval there.

Raut was seen with the accused
Recently there was stone pelting and violent clashes between Shiv Sena and BJP workers over Union Minister Narayan Rane. Shiv Sainiks accused of attacking BJP office in Nashik appeared with Sanjay Raut. When Raut was interacting with the journalists, they were all present with him.

Sanjay Raut himself told this to the media persons. He said that some Shiv Sainiks who are currently on the run. He is with me. Whatever is possible will help for their anticipatory bail petition. Today these people came to meet me.

Narayan Rane-Sanjay Raut are a threat to BJP leaders


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