The compulsion to run the government in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena and NCP do not want to hate Congress by standing in Mamta’s court


These days, Mamata Banerjee, who came out with the intention of mobilizing the opposition against Modi in national politics, did not get the kind of support she had expected from Maharashtra. There he met leaders of NCP and Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena has openly said that without Congress any opposition alliance against BJP will be beneficial for BJP itself. It is being said that if Mamata Banerjee had not opened a front against the Congress in an attempt to mobilize the opposition, she might have got support.

Why Mamta did not get support in Maharashtra

The way Mamta Banerjee has spoken against the Congress these days, the NCP and Shiv Sena would not want to be seen standing with the TMC in any way. The reason is that the support of the Congress is needed at any cost to continue the coalition government in Maharashtra. The government cannot run in the event of withdrawal of support from the Congress.

Be it Shiv Sena or NCP, it would not like to create any trouble for the coalition government running in the state by spoiling ties with the Congress. Both know that Congress will not accept their stand in TMC side at any cost.

There is no such existence of TMC in Maharashtra for which risk of spoiling ties with Congress is taken. Especially when the Lok Sabha elections are more than two years away and it is not yet decided how much support Mamata will get from regional parties in other states.

Trivendra will stay away from publicity!

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In Uttarakhand, the Dhami government may have tried to end the anger among the priests due to the government control over the temples by deciding to dissolve the Devasthanam Board in the past, but just before the elections, the tussle within the party has increased. Before changing many decisions of his government one by one, the displeasure of CM Trivendra Singh Rawat is natural. It is also being said in the political circles that the manner in which the decisions of the Trivendra Singh Rawat government have been changed, it seems that space has run out for him within the party.

The BJP leadership wants to move ahead with the new leadership in the state. By the way, such discussions are also being heard that Trivendra Singh Rawat has distanced himself from BJP’s election campaign. He has been heard telling many close people that when the new government is bent on proving all our decisions wrong, then what will we have to tell our achievements to the public during the elections?

It will be interesting to see whether his resentment ends till the elections, but his meeting with Harish Rawat in the past has also opened doors to many possibilities. Although it has been said from both sides that that meeting has nothing to do with politics, but such meetings often lead to major political upheavals. The Congress wants to take full advantage of the camp inside the ruling BJP. The statements of many of its leaders have also come that till the elections, many BJP leaders can come to the Congress.

What are the alternatives to Hardik

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Hardik Patel was also involved in the race to become Gujarat Congress President, but he had to lag behind at the last moment. Sonia Gandhi appointed Jagdish Thakor as the state Congress President. By the way, the Gandhi family had no objection to Hardik Patel’s name. But it is said that there was no unity in the name of Hardik Patel in the state unit and voices of protest were being heard against him. There was a general consensus on the name of Jagdish Thakor as compared to Hardik Patel. The Congress leadership was beginning to fear that a new front might be opened on Hardik’s appointment.

The leadership, already facing turmoil in Punjab, was not acceptable to the new difficulty from another state. But it is difficult to say that everything will be fine with Jagdish Thakor as the president. It is being said about Hardik Patel that he is not finding himself comfortable inside the party. He is not getting along with the old leaders of the party at all. He has expressed it many times. Still, he was adjusting in the hope that he could be made the President of the State Congress.

Now that his hope is over, he is free to take any decision. For this reason, it is being said that in the coming days, Hardik Patel can heat up Congress politics in the state. With Jagdish Thakor becoming the president, Hardik Patel has nothing left to do at the state level.

brahmin face fight

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UP Law Minister Brijesh Pathak is currently in the news because he is facing BSP’s Satish Mishra, who was once called his ‘guru’, in the ongoing ‘Brahmin Face’ fight in the state. In fact, in the wake of the 2007 assembly elections, when the BSP was defining a new social engineering through Brahmin-Dalit alliance, it had put forward Brijesh Pathak as the young face. Brijesh Pathak was a two-time MP from BSP. The slogan ‘Brahmin conch shell will play, elephant will grow’ was also coined by him. But during the 2017 elections, he caught up with BJP via Amit Shah.

He became an MLA from Lucknow and was made a cabinet minister in the Yogi government. Now the Brahmin factor has become very important in UP for the 2022 elections. For BSP, Satish Mishra and his entire family have taken the lead, while Brijesh Pathak has a challenge to keep Brahmins in BJP’s court. Brijesh Pathak’s meetings are being held in the districts where Brahmin conventions have been organized so far of BSP. The people of UP have an emotional attachment with Atal Bihari Vajpayee. In view of this, he has also formed the Atal Foundation. Now through this also programs are being organized at different places.

While Satish Mishra’s wife is organizing a conference of Brahmin women, Brijesh Pathak’s wife is also going to start a women’s conference. Brijesh Pathak has also started the process of personally meeting those Brahmin families, whose issue of oppression is being raised by the opposition. Time will tell how much all these efforts will benefit the BJP in the elections, but Brijesh Pathak does not want to let go of his chance to establish himself as a big Brahmin leader in the state.


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