UP election 2022: Strategy of UP elections… Big political parties took shelter of small parties


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  • Major parties engaged in preparations for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections are now turning to smaller political parties.
  • Almost all parties including BJP and SP are resorting to small parties to improve the social and regional equation.
  • Small parties may be limited to the district, but their influence is huge, especially on the ethnic scale.

Major parties engaged in preparations for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections are now turning to smaller political parties. Almost all the parties including BJP and SP are taking the help of smaller parties to improve the social and regional equation. Small parties may be confined to the district but their influence is huge.

These parties are basically caste based. They have an impact on a particular area. Big political parties are trying to capitalize on his influence. The main opposition party Samajwadi Party has decided to forge an alliance with smaller parties. Akhilesh has also clearly said that the experience of our alliance with big parties has not been good. That’s why this time we will fight elections with smaller parties.

For example, the SP has joined hands with the Mahan Dal. Its influence is among the Saini, Kushwaha Shakyas of Bareilly, Badaun and Agra region. Apart from this, the Janata Party is also with the SP. Apart from this, the alliance of SP with RLD is going on since the Lok Sabha elections. Now talking about seats.

Parties like Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD), Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party (SUBHSP), Mahan Dal and Janwadi Party, which have influence in different parts of the state, are all set to formalize the seat-sharing formula with SP in the coming days. Huh.

The party hopes that the farmers’ movement will help it bring the Muslims and Jats of western UP on a single platform. Subhaspa chief Omprakash Rajbhar has announced an alliance with Akhilesh Yadav. Omprakash Rajbhar’s participation resolution fronts include Bharatiya Vanchit Party, Janata Kranti Party, Rashtra Uday Party and Apna Dal. These parties are still effective in elections due to their hold in the particular caste.

In the 2017 assembly elections, the SubhaSP contested in alliance with the BJP, winning four. With SubhaSP as an ally, the SP is hopeful of garnering Rajbhar’s votes.

On the other hand, the experience of BJP in alliance with smaller parties has also been very good. He has got the benefit of this in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. In 2017, Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party got 324 seats out of 403 in alliance with Apna Dal. In this election, 11 seats were given to Apna Dal and 8 seats to SubhaSP, while Apna Dal won 9 seats and Omprakash Rajbhar got 4 seats.

In the 2019 elections, it got a big advantage if it aligned with the Nishad Party. This time also the Bharatiya Janata Party is preparing to give full respect to smaller parties. That is why this time the alliance of BJP with Apna Dal and Nishad Party is intact. Apart from this, seven constituents of the shareholding front came with the BJP.

The Bharatiya Manav Samaj Party, Musahar Andolan Manch (Garib Party), Shoshit Samaj Party, Manavhit Party, Bharatiya Suheldev Janata Party, Prithviraj Janshakti Party and Bharatiya Samata Samaj Party have extended their support to the BJP.

The Congress party has intensified its activism. She seems to be in a mood to take advantage of the Lakhimpur, Kisan movement. The BSP is also slowly doing its work from the ground up. According to political analysts, it will be difficult for the ruling party BJP and SP to ignore smaller parties in their electoral strategy. The reason for this is the political and social situation. Along with this, these parties also play a good role in the caste equation.

BJP’s state media in-charge Manish Dixit says that BJP works on the politics of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. Whoever wants to come along for development and nation building, takes them along. Everyone has their place in politics. There is no small big in this.

SP spokesperson Dr. Ashutosh Verma says that the National President has said many times that his experience with big parties has not been good. It has been seen that in every election, their role has been important everywhere. They have their own permanence. They have a good hold in their respective fields.

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