We were sitting at the exact same place where the blast took place in Kabul airport… Hearing the story of this person who returned to India, your soul will tremble.


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Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, was shaken by two suicide attacks one after the other on Thursday. So far 13 people have been reported dead in the explosions at Kabul Airport, while more than 60 people are said to be injured. No one can describe the pain in the mind of the people of Afghanistan at this time. After the capture of Taliban, everyone wants to run away from there. And due to this, a large number of people were present in the airport. A person working in the Afghan security agency from our affiliate channel Times Now Navbharat spoke on the phone line and told how the situation at Kabul airport would be at this time.

Praveen returned on 22 August
Praveen, who returned to India from Kabul Airport on August 22, used to work for Afghan’s security agency. He told that at this time the scene there will be frightening. Praveen told that the condition of the airport was very bad. Thousands of people want to leave the country and many are waiting for their turn for many days. Praveen told that we were also sitting at the same place where the blast took place and were waiting for the flight. Till 17,18,19 we sat there in the airport itself.

‘Talibanians everywhere’
He told that there is an embassy gate at the airport and all the Taliban are standing outside it. Those people are killing women, children and civilians living there. Praveen told that it was very difficult to reach the airport. There are Talibanis everywhere. He told that the airport was only one kilometer from where he was staying. These people reached the airport at 7 in the morning but the Taliban kept them sitting there till 1 o’clock.

America and Britain had alerted about the terrorist attack in Kabul, a few hours later the airport was stunned by two suicide attacks by ISIS
The scene there will be even more terrible
Praveen told that the situation there will be more delicate than what is seen in the news channels. Information is being received that 77 people have been injured but I think this figure is being understated. The place where the blasts took place was very crowded. Praveen told that this figure may increase further because there was so much crowd there only the heads of the people were visible. We cannot tell the situation there, just every Afghani wants to leave his country.

navbharat times
American soldiers were on target in the Kabul blast, even Biden’s threat could not stop the attack, what will happen now?
the whole matter
Several people are reported to have been killed in two consecutive explosions at Kabul airport on Thursday evening. US officials have said that the second blast was aimed at US Army soldiers. The Pentagon said there had been another explosion targeting US troops at or near the Baron Hotel near Kabul airport. There have been many American soldiers and civilian casualties. However, the US has not yet confirmed anyone’s death. On the other hand, President Joe Biden has warned several times that if American citizens are attacked, he will give an immediate and strong military response.



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