When will 60-year-old helicopters finally be replaced, Indian Army, Navy and Airforce have been demanding for 20 years


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  • When will the army’s 60-year-old helicopter be replaced?
  • Accidents happen from old Cheetah and Chetak helicopters
  • Two Army pilots killed in Chetak helicopter crash in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday
  • There is a demand to replace the old helicopter for 20 years

New Delhi
The Indian Army, Navy and Air Force have been demanding for 20 years that the old utility helicopter be replaced but till now it has not happened. Only 60 years old Cheetah and Chetak helicopters are with Army, Navy and Air Force. These very old helicopters are becoming the cause of the accident. On Tuesday, an Army Chetak helicopter crashed in Jammu and Kashmir, in which the Indian Army lost two of its young officers. The question is when will the decades old helicopters be replaced.

The three armies have been demanding for years
According to a senior official, new light utility helicopters are needed at the earliest to meet the requirements of the forward area. So that our soldiers can survive there and surveillance can also be done. The Indian Army, Navy and Air Force have been demanding new utility helicopters for over 20 years. A total of about 500 helicopters are needed.

Recently signed agreement
The proposal to get 197 such helicopters from abroad was scrapped twice. After which India signed an inter-governmental agreement to get 200 twin engine (two engine) choppers from Russia. Two years ago, the roadmap for transfer of technology was signed for the Ka-226T helicopter. The agreement was made that 60 helicopters will come to India only after being made in Russia and India will buy them from Russia, while 140 helicopters will be ready in India. It was said that these 140 helicopters would be built with the joint partnership of Russia and India. But it’s still stuck.

Rescue happens in mountainous areas
The Indian Army currently uses Chetak and Cheetah light utility helicopters. It is used to transport goods to the army and move people from one place to another in difficult areas like Siachen and Leh. Rescue operations are also done through these helicopters in mountainous areas.


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