Why delay in investigation of cases against MPs and MLAs? Supreme Court tough on ED and CBI


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The Supreme Court has expressed displeasure over the delay in chargesheets in pending ED and CBI cases against MP and MLA. Expressing concern, the Supreme Court said that the investigation of the case registered against the MLA and MP by the ED and the CBI is at a slow pace. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court said that the ED and the CBI did not give any reason as to why the charge sheet was not filed even after 10 years in many cases. But at the same time, the Supreme Court also remarked that like the Judiciary, the investigating agency is also suffering from shortage of manpower.

121 CBI cases on MPs and MLAs
Earlier, the Court Advisor presented the report in the Supreme Court and told that there is a case of money laundering against 122 MP and MLA and ED is investigating the matter. These have 51 seating and former MP. The Supreme Court has also been told that the CBI has registered 121 cases. A bench headed by Chief Justice was heard on Wednesday on the application of BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay for early disposal of cases registered against MPs and MLAs.

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‘Why not chargesheet in such an old case’
Supreme Court Chief Justice NV Ramana expressed his displeasure during the hearing saying that the report is incomplete. The report did not explain why charge sheets were not filed in the cases for 10-15 years. In the report, there are cases of money laundering against 51 MPs and former MPs while 71 cases against MLAs and MLCs.

There are 19 cases against MPs and 24 cases against MLAs which have been delayed. There are 121 CBI cases. The report said that 28 cases of money laundering are still pending investigation. 121 cases are pending with the CBI, out of which 58 are such cases in which the punishment is up to life imprisonment. Investigation is still going on in 37 cases of CBI. Chargesheet has not even been filed in 45 cases.

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Like the judges, the workload on the investigating agency too
The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court said that we do not want to discourage the investigating agency. The investigative agency is also burdened with a lot of work like the judges. But at the same time said that your report says a lot. You did nothing except attachment in money laundering cases. All this is useless without chargesheet.

During this, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that reply from foreign countries is awaited in money laundering cases. It is easy to say that the trial should be fast in the case but where are the judges. Man power is the main issue. The investigating agency is also traveling through this issue. Everyone wants a CBI inquiry. The Chief Justice said in a lighthearted manner that we are all dependent on Tushar Mehta, if he provides adequate infrastructure, then the hearing can take place.

Lack of man power in investigating agency like Judiciary
The Supreme Court said that the agency, like the judiciary, is also suffering from shortage of manpower. A practical view has to be taken in this matter. Tell us about this, the Solicitor General. We understand that shortage of man power is a big issue. Just like us, the investigating agency is also facing shortage of manpower. You see everyone says that there should be a CBI inquiry. Mister Mehta We look forward to your cooperation in this matter. Court advisor Vijay Hansaria told the court that a monitoring committee should be formed to monitor the delay in investigation. There should be a retired Supreme Court, High Court Chief Justice. Also, the directors of ED and CBI should also be in this committee. On this, the Supreme Court has asked Tushar Mehta to give suggestions.

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Cases registered against MPs and MLAs will not be returned without the approval of the High Court.
The Supreme Court has said that criminal cases against MPs and MLAs will not be withdrawn without the approval of the High Court. The Supreme Court on Wednesday again said that we are not against the withdrawal of the case but it will have to be examined by the judiciary. If the High Court conducts an examination for this and is satisfied that the case can be withdrawn, then it will allow the State Government to do so. The Supreme Court had also passed an order in this regard on August 10.

State government withdraws 77 cases in Muzaffarnagar riots case
During the hearing of the case, the court advisor presented the report and said that the UP government has withdrawn 77 cases in the Muzaffarnagar riot case. In some cases, there is a provision of punishment up to life imprisonment. The court advisor said that 510 cases were registered in the Danja case. Chargesheet was done in 175 of them and final report was presented in 165 while the state government decided to withdraw 77 cases.

‘Don’t consider the need of early hearing on the appeal of MLA and MP’
The Supreme Court has said that the order of speedy trial of pending cases against MPs and MLAs should not be construed as compulsorily out of turn hearing on their appeals. The Supreme Court made it clear that the High Court should not interpret our order in such a way that the appeals of MPs and MLAs will be heard out of turn.


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