Why Rakesh Tikait, who said ‘Kanoon wapsi to ghar wapsi’, is now adamant on MSP, what is the reason for his insistence


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  • Rakesh Tikait is not in the mood to withdraw the farmers’ movement even after the announcement of withdrawal of agricultural laws.
  • Rakesh Tikait has announced to continue the agitation till the repeal of the laws from the Parliament.
  • Tikait is now preparing to continue the movement by talking about MSP and other issues of farmers.
  • Teasing the death of many farmers during the agitation in the heart of Tikait, may also be the reason to teach a lesson to BJP

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Even after announcing the withdrawal of the disputed agricultural laws, the farmers have not returned home after ending the agitation. A meeting of the core committee of the United Kisan Morcha was held on Saturday to decide the future strategy, but Rakesh Tikait did not participate in it. On Thursday, there will be a general meeting of all 42 farmer organizations involved in the movement on the Singhu border. However, Rakesh Tikait, who talks of bill wapsi to home wapsi, has indicated to drag the movement further demanding the MSP to wear a garland of legal guarantees. After all, what is behind this insistence of Tikait, let us understand.

If anyone’s stature has increased the most due to the farmers’ movement, then without a doubt it is Rakesh Tikait. This movement has made him a hero. After the violence at the Red Fort in Delhi on 26 January this year, it was thought that the movement would now end. The agitating farmers from the borders of Delhi started returning home after packing their sacks and beds. But it was Tikait who breathed new life into the movement. At Ghazipur border, Rakesh Tikait got emotional while talking to a BJP MLA about the threat to his life. Wept bitterly. What was it then, a group of farmers with tractor-trolley from all the villages of western UP came to Ghazipur border overnight. The movement, which seemed to be dying, got new vigor and new energy. Tikait also knows that such agitations do not happen frequently. The government is under pressure. Hence, he may be brought under more pressure on the issue of MSP. There is hardly any better time to put pressure on the government to legalize the MSP.

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Another reason could be the desire to end the movement in a memorable way by giving a beautiful twist. There is no doubt that Rakesh Tikait is the biggest face of the farmers’ movement. Most of the credit for the return of agricultural laws goes to him and for this credit he will not need to say anything separately. Tikait and other peasant leaders may want to end the movement through ‘celebration of victory’. When the victory is so big, the celebration should also be big. Therefore, after the approval of the withdrawal of agricultural laws from the Parliament, there may be an announcement to end the agitation after any grand event like Vijay Rally or Kisan Vijay Mahapanchayat. After the meeting of United Kisan Morcha to be held on Sunday, the curtain can also be raised from this if-butr.

Rakesh Tikait’s own personal political ambition could also be behind the prolongation of the movement. However, Tikait’s experience of electoral politics has been bitter. In the 2007 UP assembly elections, he also contested as an independent candidate from Khatauli seat of Muzaffarnagar, but he had to face a crushing defeat. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he tried his luck as a candidate of Rashtriya Lok Dal from Amroha seat but this time too he had to face defeat badly. In this sense, it is unlikely that he will use the movement for personal political ambition. Yes, the movement has definitely increased his stature so much that he can now put pressure on the governments by being completely apolitical like his father Mahendra Tikait.

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With the return of agricultural laws, the magic of ‘strong government’ was broken, leader Modi won, PM Modi lost!
Behind Rakesh Tikait’s insistence, there may also be a sense of teaching a lesson to BJP. Many farmers lost their lives during the agitation. Farmers’ organizations claim that at least 70 farmers have been ‘martyrs’. Now the PM may have announced the withdrawal of agricultural laws, but the tension of ‘martyrdom’ of farmers remains intact within the farmer leaders, especially Rakesh Tikait. Maybe try to drag the Tikait movement till the assembly elections of 5 states including UP so that political damage can be done to BJP as a lesson.



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